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International student: a US student in the Netherlands

July 6, 2022
International student: a US student in the Netherlands

The Dutch universities are not only providing top-class educational opportunities but also harbor the perfect fusion of cityscape and natural beauty. In the QS World Rankings 2022, nine Dutch universities are ranked among the top 200 in the world. With carefully designed curricula, universities in the Netherlands alone receive a whopping 16-17 percent of overseas students in the European region. 

Planning to study in the Netherlands doesn’t require a second thought given the excellent opportunities the Dutch universities offer to overseas learners, however, researching applications, costs, and visas can be as daunting as it is intriguing. The overseas education consultants in Delhi are best to guide your way through the decision-making process.


Netherlands: what is there in it? 

Despite its small size, the Netherlands is home to a diverse range of traditional products, cultural history, tourist hotspots, and exciting cities. Amsterdam houses the Van Gogh museum and the Anne Frank house.  Other important cities like Rotterdam, Haarlem, The Hague, etc. offer exquisite varieties of destinations for a traveler. According to the best Netherlands education consultants in Delhi and Guwahati, the US student studying in the Netherlands never felt homesick once admitted to a university in the Netherlands. Perhaps, the Netherlands ranks on top being the happiest and safest country. Indeed it becomes effortless to be the first choice amongst the education enthusiasts to pursue their higher studies in the Netherlands.

From the perspective of an abroad learner, the universities are unique in being multicultural learning hubs. As mentioned earlier 1 in every 10 students is an international student. Besides the cost accrued on studying in the Netherlands is comparatively bearable as compared to studying abroad in the US or UK.  Despite the Excellency of the U.S. education system, US student community forms a major chunk of the international student community. The fee structure, courses, and study abroad scholarships regarding universities in the Netherlands are available with the best overseas education consultants in Delhi

 In Dutch universities, the Problem-Based Learning approach is very popular. Rather than focusing on test scores, Dutch universities instill analytical and problem-solving abilities for the real world. Thus, with guidance, a learner becomes competent as well as months and years ahead of their global counterparts.

The Education system and admission procedure in the Netherlands  

The Dutch higher education system is bifurcated, with research-intensive universities offering bachelors, masters, and Ph.D. programs on the one hand and universities of applied sciences offering primarily professionally oriented bachelor’s (and some master’s) programs on the other. Over 1,560 international study programs and courses are offered by Dutch institutions collectively.

According to the best study abroad consultant in Delhi, thousands of Indians every year plan to study in the Netherlands. To get admission one must follow the following steps:

  • Choose which programs and universities to apply to.
  • Read up on the application process for that program/university thoroughly.
  • Prepare all of their documents.

The admission cycle starts in October with a deadline in June.

Criteria for deciding the right institute/school/college in France and Italy:

Overseas education consultants in Delhi for Dutch universities use opinions and tips from current students studying abroad to analyze and conclude the best facilities available and minimize errors while making an informed decision regarding college and courses. The following factors should be considered when selecting a college according to the best Dutch universities study abroad consultants in Delhi:

1. Courses:

• Availability of the course 

• The scholarship schemes for the said courses

• The internship opportunities and employability after the course completion in the global landscape.

• Duration of the said course 

2. Features of the Universities: 

• Competency of the faculty

• A suitable space that enables your skills and personality to grow

• Global rankings

• Fee structure

• The Diversity of the courses offered

• Student support services etc.

3. Contact with Alumni and Faculty: 

• To help you clear the doubts 

• understanding the admission process 

• Opportunities during and after graduation. 

4. Visa Process: 

• Student visa 

• Formalities and guidelines (regional and country-specific)

5. Job Opportunities: 

• On-campus job opportunities 

• Assistantships 

• Maximum allowed working hours while enrolled in a course

6. Other Aspects:

• Library

• Housing

• Gym services

• Climatic conditions

• Transportation


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