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Interesting Welcome Activities for International Students Across Canada

June 1, 2022
Interesting Welcome Activities for International Students Across Canada

As soon as the new sessions starts in foreign universities across the globe the campus is simply abuzz with event preparations to greet new students. Most new entrants are clueless about their next course of attractions. Moreover, few of the students may have landed in a foreign locale for the very first time. The best overseas education consultants in delhi for uk, often inform students going abroad about the myriad things to expect, but the real-world scenario can be more overwhelming. 

Canadian Universities and colleges have found some of the best ways to greet and meet new students. Some even offer a welcome at the airport. Apart from this sweet gesture, you will also come across campus parties, talent shows, and ice-breaking sessions taking place. All of these are designed to make the new entrants feel welcome on the campus abroad. You can even ask the best Overseas Education Consultant in Delhi, to give you a sneak peek at such activities through their alumni. 


Welcome Activities for International Students In Canada

Homestay Programs 

Many Canadian colleges, like the Niagara College in Toronto, offer homestay programs for the students. Many students have left their homes for education pursuits for the first time, in their life. So, separation anxiety is always there. Moreover, if you are an international student enthusiast looking for a stint in Canada you will love this piece of information. You will get to learn about the local culture and traditions through the local family, you are put up with. You can utilize this time to make more contacts and look for an accommodation. You can also ask the best uk education consultants in delhi, to give you some ideas. They would have plenty. 

Bear Necessities 

This is another top program that you can be a part of if you happen to join a program at the University of Alberta. The program is for all those with an adventurous bent of mind. You will be taken on a trip into the wilderness of Alberta. You will get to visit Elk Island National Park. Build stronger friendships with the newcomers, with who you will be spending the next few semesters. Learn about the basic life skills of spending time in the Canadian wilderness. You can engage in a whole lot of adrenaline-pumping activities like hiking, canoeing, cooking on an open fire, and trekking as well. Consult the best uk consultants in delhi and get to know what awaits you. 

Campus Check-in Activities 

You can also avail yourself of a personalized campus check-in through our student volunteers. You will be assisted in getting your social security number, applying for healthcare facilities, creating a banking account, and setting up a living space. The University of Alberta also assists students to explore Edmonton. The study abroad consultants in delhi have complete information and you will be ready and more accepting of the culture. 

New Student Matriculation Function 

It is yet another one of the top welcome events for new international students in Canada. Mount Saint Vincent University, has a 3-week orientation program for new students. If you are one, you will be required to wear the graduation dress, and attend the ceremony of initiation. You will also be expected to attend the dinner night on the same day. It will be the start of a closely-knit community. You can see the pictures enlisted on the portal, by the study abroad consultant. 


City Events Galore

Edmonton, which is quite popular as the city of events, hosts large-scale events and potlucks for new students. Edmonton celebrates the arrival of more than a lac number of students, with food, and music. The students also get to enjoy a city ride. You will also be taken to the petting zoo, to spend sometime in the company of animals. The event occurs sometime around September. Many universities and colleges in Edmonton take part in the event. 

Admissify boasts of being named the best study abroad consultants in delhi, and will give you complete information on the university and college welcome programs in Canada. Call them or mail your enquiry at info@admissify.com

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