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Increasing Number Of Worldwide People Go Study Abroad

December 14, 2022

It is not just an Indian trend but worldwide one at that. Yes, we are talking about the trend of studying abroad. More and more students are looking forward to study abroad today. The number has increased to new heights in the last three decades. You will be amazed to know of the astounding figures that we will reveal now. The study abroad consultant will also tell you the same thing. Around 1.8 million Indian students are studying in foreign universities today and may spend $85 billion on education. Most students aim to study abroad, so they can get the title of a ‘global citizen’. 

Worldwide People Go Study Abroad

After the lull caused by the pandemic, almost a lac students left India in 2022, to pursue education abroad. According to the study abroad consultants in Delhi, most students from India head to the UK, USA, Australia, China, Germany, and Poland. These are the top countries, that attract students, not just in India, but across the world. Why is this sudden shift towards foreign shores? Many people may be thinking about this brain drain. 

However, it is not just India, but students from other countries are also travelling for education. There must be some concrete reasons behind this. 

Reasons For Education Abroad 

If you ask the best study abroad consultants in Delhi, they will tell you many reasons why this is happening. Most students who are heading to the above-mentioned places to pursue courses, are from developing nations. 

The dream of a successful career makes students and their families take this decision. However, there are a lot of advantages, if you study abroad. Know about them in detail. 

  • The pandemic has given rise to uncertainties in the market. So, students are looking for future-ready courses. Such courses may not be available in the home country. The subjects that are in demand are Cyber Security, AI, Cloud Computing, and so on. As per the best overseas education consultants in Delhi, such programs are available at foreign universities. 
  • Moreover, there is a shift in traditional mentalities. Earlier most students and their parents considered courses such as Science, Medicine and Engineering as the best ones. However, there has been a sudden shift in thinking and students want to go for off-beat courses such as Urban Planning, Culinary Arts, and Architecture. The pandemic has also shown the way to more medical careers, other than MBBS degrees. Many students who have studied science ate moving towards biotechnology, pharmacy, and hospital administration. You can check the wide range of programs that are available at foreign universities. The best overseas education consultant in Delhi for UK can also give you complete guidance on the same. 
  • The best UK consultants in Delhi state that the education system abroad is more high-quality than what you can lay your hands on, in your home country. That may be another reason, why students are moving. Moreover, it is more practical and research-based. The programs offered are varied in number and are all creative ones. Currently, over 5 million international students are studying at foreign univeristies for the very same reason. 
  • You also get a greater flexibility in choosing your majors and minors. That is another reason, why students want to go for abroad programs. The curriculum is also quite diverse. USA, UK, Australia and Canada are the top countries that many students favour. It is due to the world-class infrastructure and work opportunities that these countries rank high. 
  • You will also be able to find many contemporary programs abroad.  The best UK education consultants in Delhi will help you with complete details regarding the subjects, electives and more. Additionally, you will also get the added benefits of scholarships, that are been offered aplenty. So, the financial hurdles are no longer there. Nationalised banks also offer loans to meritorious students. 

Today, the top international recruiters prefer students who have foreign qualifications. So, if you want to stand out from the rest, you have got to make an effort.  However, admission processes in the top colleges are quite stringent. So, it is quite evident that you have to start preparing from early on. You can get in touch with the study abroad consultants Guwahati to understand the processes that can get you to your favourite college abroad. Admissify is one of the top overseas educational consultants, whom you can connect with. So, call or email them now. 

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