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Important Information Related to UK Student Visa

January 7, 2022
Important Information Related to UK Student Visa

Nowadays, students want to acquire higher education in renowned Universities and colleges abroad with several opportunities to strengthen their skills and knowledge.

 Nowadays, students want to acquire higher education in renowned Universities and colleges abroad with several opportunities to strengthen their skills and knowledge. Students are encouraged to enrol in the Universities of the UK to fulfil their dream careers. Many Indian students are travelling abroad for studies and research purposes. The process of applying to the Universities of the UK has to be pre-planned. 


Some important information related to UK Student Visa

To access the country, students require a proper visa which can only be acquired following these steps.

  • You must first need the response from the university you have applied for. The acceptance letter has to be presented along with the other documents to process the studentvisa. The universities of the UK have many programs set for international students. You can select any suitable course of your choice and fill in the application with special attention. The student visa is required only for students who are from outside Europe.
  • If you are a non-European, you will need a student visato access it. 
  • Short term study visa
  • Tier 4 studentvisa 

The short term visa is for students who want to apply for research purposes. The second type, the tier 4 student visa, is given to students who use it for Graduation and Post Graduation programs. 

Applying for visa

Students can apply for a visa from the Universities directly at the embassy of the UK. They can also apply for a ticket from the official websites of the government of the UK. You must accompany the college application form with the visa application. You may have to wait for a few months before getting the final visa. 

To finally apply for the tier four visa, students must follow the steps below;

  • You must be more than sixteen years old to apply 
  • You must have a firm grip on the English language.
  • Affordability is also an essential factor for students to apply for abroad learning.
  • The University acceptance letter is required.
  • A decent score of IELTS or TOEFL exams are required to avail the access

The above criteria are essential, along with many performances in the previous academic examination of the student.


The critical documents the students need to gather are;

  • A valid passport
  • The complete form of visaapplication
  • Passport size photo for identification purpose
  • A proof of funds that will support the studentwhile studying.
  • A comprehensive health report of the studentis required for emergency purposes.
  • The receipt of the visaapplication form
  • There might be some other self-assessment form that may vary from country to country.

Waiting time.

A study visa in the UK is required to fulfil their academic dream. Students can visit the places around the country to enjoy city life. However, there is a restriction for non-European students. The non-European students can only travel across the country. It generally can take from fourteen to twenty-one days to get a student visa. 


Extension of visa

You can also extend your visa timing. This is only possible with a tier four visa, allowing you to extend your stay in the country. To apply for the extension period, you have to produce an application proving that you are gaining higher education. You may also present a document from the supporting organization you are studying under. This is a good option for students who want to complete their higher education entirely in the UK.  There are some exceptions in this extension and changing of the visa. If students decide to stay back in the country for career purposes after their course, they can easily apply for a stay visa. This is only possible if the system is of a minimum of two years. However, students who have enrolled for a year course must present proof of their financial or fund source.

As a new student, it is advised to consult agencies to fulfil their dream. For Indian students, there are many Delhi based consultancies that can support their abroad learning process by providing the correct information to the students aspiring to get into the universities of the UK. Admissify is an excellent platform that can provide you with all the necessary information and counselling opportunities for students’ benefit.

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