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Immigration Friendly Countries for Indian Students

January 19, 2021

Immigration Friendly Countries for Indian Students …….

Every year, several Indian students fly abroad to fulfill their dream of studying abroad. However, there is an end number of countries available for Indian students for abroad studies. So, which one to choose among all? For Indian students, it will be very beneficial if you choose immigration friendly countries as such countries will provide great opportunities in academics as well as the professional ground. There are certain factors which will help you in differentiating the immigration friendly countries with the other countries. I am listing down the following factors along with the immigration friendly countries which will help you in making a correct decision in choosing the right destination for your abroad studies.

  • Excellent Quality Education
  • Powerful Economy
  • Stress-Free Immigration Process
  • Easy Visa Policies
  • Post-Work Permit Availability
  • Diverse Cultural Amalgamation
  • Strong Market
  • Violence Free Countries
  • Great Job Opportunities
  • No Political Persuasion
  • First-Rate Healthcare
  • PR Availability


Top chosen destination by several Indian students every year, Canada is undoubtedly one of the best countries for every international student who wishes to study abroad. United Nations of America also declared Canada as one of the best countries to live in, Canada is one of the best immigration friendly countries you cannot miss.


  • Stress-free immigration policies
  • Violence free country
  • Friendly environment
  • High Living Standard
  • Racist free country
  • Strong economy


Globally recognized for offering world-class curriculum courses to national and international students, Australia is also one of the chosen destination countries which fall under immigration friendly countries. If you are choosing Australia, you can go for either work visa or student visa as both are available. To settle down permanently, all you would be required to prove is that you will help them in improvising their economy and not drain it.

Why Choose Australia?

  • Great Job Opportunities
  • Good salary
  • A country full of natural wonders
  • High standard of Living
  • Easy immigration process

New Zealand

Today, New Zealand is emerging as one of the best and favourite destination among the Indian students who wish to study abroad. Students who are very much attached to the beauty of nature should opt for New Zealand as New Zealand is the top destination for the beauty of nature and rich cultural heritage. Generally, people who wish to work abroad also opt for New Zealand to pursue a career in New Zealand. Also, it will be easy for you to prove your eligibility for Permanent Residence.

Why Choose New Zealand?

  • Excellent education system
  • Great infrastructure
  • Employment opportunities
  • Low Crime Rate
  • Violence free
  • Post work permit availability


Singapore is considered as one of the top chosen destination in Asia when it comes to fulfilling the dream of studying abroad. Globally recognized as a financial hub, several Indian students chooses Singapore considering the closest country to the homeland for academics and work. Also, you can opt for permanent residency in Singapore as well. It may interest you that you’ll become eligible for a work permit after one year upon acquisition of job. For acquiring Singapore PR eligibility, you are required to work in Singapore for a maximum of 3 years.

Why Choose Singapore?

  • Excellent Education System
  • The closer destination for Indian students
  • The financial hub of the world
  • PR availability
  • Excellent job opportunities


When discussing immigration to friendly countries, one cannot forget to mention Germany. Germany being the hub of the automobile industry, students who wish to complete their education or fulfill their career goals in Europe, choose Germany. Students can opt for a Residence permit or EU Blue Card from the Foreign National Registration office which will allow you to stay and work in Germany post-study for 18 months. Also, you can apply for Germany PR after gaining a work experience of a maximum of 2 years.

I hope this article helped you in providing all the necessary information related to immigration friendly countries which will help you in choosing the right destination for your studies abroad. For further guidance and information, Contact Admissify today. Admissify aims that your stay is comfortable and memorable. Visit our office today and get all the necessary information or visit www.admissify.com for more information and get connected with us today.

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