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IELTS Launches Temporary At-Home Option (What Is IELTS Indicator?)

March 23, 2021
IELTS Launches Temporary At-Home Option (What Is IELTS Indicator?)

The pandemic affected the students a lot. However, to make things easier, most of educational institutions started taking online classes. This is the same for the aspirants preparing to study abroad. The study abroad consultants in Delhi always give the perfect advice to turn your dream into a reality. The IELTS Indicator is a terrific addition to the new normal life of the students.

However, to prepare for the examination, you have to get ready for every subject. Another vital factor in getting a chance in foreign universities is the knowledge of English. Many students of India are lagging in this matter. However, they are not so fluent while speaking it. But there are solutions to this problem. Your study abroad consultant will tell you the secrets to groom yourself to go overseas. IELTS is the ideal examination to enhance your English skills. Furthermore, the unique introduction of the examination authorities is yielding fruitful results, indeed.


The Role Of IELTS In Enhancing Your Skills

IELTS or International English Language Test is an online examination to test your capabilities and skills in English. The best overseas education consultant in Delhi conducts innovative online lectures. Now, it is possible to enroll for the classes through online mode. IELTS conducts the exams every year at various times. The experts will give you all the details about the upcoming tests.

Moreover, the students can choose a date at their convenience. The best part is the examiners do not have to face any limitation for giving the test. IELTS can be given repeatedly till the time the aspirant secures the desired marks.

Contact the best study abroad consultants in Delhi today. Your educated assistant will assist you in every step. If you are interested to study in UK, English is a must. Hence, you have to score well in IELTS to prove a good command of the international language.

What Is IELTS Indicator?

Previously IELTS used to be an online examination in a separate exam centre under an invigilator’s supervision. However, for the sake of the young aspirants, the authorities launched the new technique of the IELTS indicator. If you are also aspiring to give the test this time, contact the study abroad consultant. They will tell you all the rules about the unique concept. In this pandemic situation, IELTS authorities thought about the safety of the students. Hence, they arranged a system of giving the test from the comfort zone of your home. Formally, the name of this test is the IELTS Indicator.

However, this is only a temporary at-home option to save your precious year. IELTS also announced that this special test would assess proficiency in English speaking. Moreover, a fully-qualified professional examiner will conduct the speaking test via video calling. So, through this approach, students will be able to converse, just like in the real world. As a result, this is an authentic assessment of their performance. It will also give the chance to deliver superb results while living in a foreign country. Furthermore, in the later stage, there will not be any difficulty in understanding the lectures.

Different Scores in The Exam

Although IELTS Indicator is an at-home test, yet you have to loyal. Otherwise, it may be a problem during the final assessment if you score more than normal. According to the band score, you will be able to identify the skill level. Some of the notations include;-

  • Score 6 For Competent
  • Score 7 For Good
  • Score 8 For Very Good
  • Score 9 For Expert

However, many students score between 4 and 5 only. This indicates only a basic understanding of the English language. Therefore, they are not very comfortable in complex situations. This calls for more hard-work in the subject to score high.


The Best Consultants At Your Help

Admission is acknowledged as the best overseas education consultants in Delhi for UK. However, at present, to meet the huge demand of the students, the institute has also launched study abroad consultants Guwahati. So, this is an excellent chance for Indian students to opt for studying abroad. If you are weak in English, the consultant will help you with several online classes. There is no need to attend the sessions physically. So, enroll your name today and start preparing to fulfill your dreams.


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