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How to take care of your health while studying abroad?

November 20, 2022
How to take care of your health while studying abroad

Education is crucial in the development of a person’s personality, career, and outlook on the world. Studying abroad contributes significantly to this process by assisting an individual in evolving, becoming independent, and responsible, and providing a much-needed boost to their career. But everything has its own set of challenges and pain points. Let’s be honest: college life is hectic. Moving to a different country is a significant change in food habits, climate, time schedules, people, and so on. In such situations taking care of health becomes difficult. Thanks to the abroad consultants Delhi who have come up with some of the simplest, yet most effective, ways to stay healthy while studying abroad.

Be prepared before you leave 

Do your research on the country you will be studying: climate, food, and so on. It is advisable to travel with basic medications as well as a small first-aid kit. Pain relievers, fever-reducing medications, antacids, allergy medicine, antibiotic ointment, etc. Check that your vaccinations and immunizations are up to date and accurate for your study abroad destination.

Exercising is the key 

We understand that you have a very busy schedule. Add to that the fact that you are in a completely new place and have to manage everything on your own, it becomes difficult even to find time to sleep. Let alone exercise. However, taking some time out of your 24 hours for exercising is extremely beneficial, both now and in the long run. If you are unable to devote 30-60 minutes per day to exercise, you can always choose alternatives such as walking to the university, taking evening strolls, or taking stairs rather than the elevator.

Always eat good

 Another aspect of staying physically fit is having healthy eating habits. Students are well aware of how easy it is to consume unhealthy foods while studying abroad (after all, how could you go to Belgium and not eat fries, beer, and chocolate?!) However, it will harm your health in the long run. Make it a point to spend your money on healthy food at least six days a week. Cook at home with local and seasonal vegetables and other food items. Learn to cook so you can maintain control over your finances and nutrition.

Maintain a schedule 

Take into consideration daily activities especially those that remain constant, like sleeping, eating, going to class, etc., and accordingly make a schedule. Start with a simpler routine and gradually move your way up to remain motivated and adapt to the new schedule smoothly.   A schedule will help you become organised, manage your time, and live a healthy life.

Stay hydrated

Hydration is the ultimate form of self-care and health maintenance. Carry a bottle of water with you and sip it throughout the day as a habit. Did you know that dehydration can cause fatigue and headaches? So, keep calm and drink water.

Keep your mental health in check

It’s critical that you pay attention to not only your physical but also your mental needs. Expressing yourself or venting in any way is a great way to clear your mind. You can choose to write, speak, or use any other form of art to express your inner thoughts so that nothing bothers you and clouds your mind. Meet new people, stay in touch with family virtually, go out, learn new things, and EXPLORE!

Rest enough

The value of a good night’s sleep cannot be overstated. However, few people realise how important it is for maintaining a healthy body and mind. Every night, try to get 6-7 hours of sleep. It will mentally refresh you. People who sleep well remember more. They have a faster metabolism as well.

These are some of the essential tips handpicked by our team of excellent counsellors at Admissify, the best overseas education consultants in Delhi. If you have any doubts regarding your abroad education plans, kindly contact us. We provide the best services regarding the course and university selection, abroad study scholarships, accommodation, etc.

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