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How To Look For Internships In The UK As An International Student?

September 23, 2022
How To Look For Internships In The UK As An International Student

If you are already studying abroad and want to work there, this is for you. Many students look for a study abroad options so that they can pursue an international career. But not all are lucky enough to secure good jobs. There could be numerous reasons behind this scenario. Firstly, most students do not get the necessary guidance when it comes to finalizing the right college or university abroad. Many organizations look for interns to give a boost to their workforce during the holiday season. You can also land such internships today. 


Connect with the right colleges and universities abroad through the top study abroad consultant, and get the best internships. They usually last from a week to a year. It mainly provides you with experiential knowledge and practice of technicalities of various jobs. You can also say, that it is the application, of all that you learned in college. Moreover, it applies to undergraduates, mostly. 

Here are a few ways, you can get internships in the UK. 

Ways To Get Internships In The UK

If you are new in a foreign country, it may be difficult for you to get an internship, on your own. In most cases, the colleges and universities will assist you. You can also connect with the best study abroad consultants in Delhi to get one. They will share various tips with you so that your path becomes easy. 

  • Join LinkedIn – This is one of the professional social media sites where all the top honchos of the industry are present. The site mainly exists, so that professionals can connect with one another. There are various ways, you can get internships and connections, through various pages. You can also post interesting blogs and articles on yourself. Apart from that, if you are still confused, you can consult the best study abroad consultants in Delhi. 
  • Internship Portals – You can also access some of the internship portals online. There are quite a few of them, in the UK. Some of them are student Circus, Milk round, E4S, and Rate my Placement. Each one specifically is centered around students with Type 4 visas, amongst others. You can also post various queries online and get a reply. 
  • Connect With a Counsellor – This is another option that will make the task easy for you. Admissify is one of the top consultants, who have complete information on the companies looking for interns. They also have an alumni circle, who are already placed. So, you can also get internships through them. They are the best overseas education consultants in Delhi. You cannot get a better advisor than them. 
  • Government Websites – You can also get in touch with companies offering internships through government websites. The UK Council Government site is where you will be able to see all the posts. There are all kinds of options there, from internships to job posts. You can also apply for PR through these sites. 
  • Approach the University – This is always the first place, where you should approach. It is their inherent responsibility to get you an internship opportunity. They will also help you with all resources as well. In case, something goes wrong, and you are unable to get an internship opportunity through them, you can always connect with the best overseas education consultant in Delhi for the UK. 
  • Social media – You can also gain an access to a host of internship opportunities through social media sites. Nowadays, all companies have a social media presence. Moreover, they also observe social behavior online. So, you should always project a professional image online and stay away from posting personal details all the time. Furthermore, skin show is a strict No-no. 

Check The Following

According to the best UK consultants in Delhi, you should check a few points before applying for internships. They are:

  • Length of the Internship – It is one of the important things for you to check. They are also dependent on your visa tenure, so do give them ample attention. 
  • Payment – The National Minimum Wage is the right of all interns in the UK. Ensure that you get that. Hourly rates are also fine, if within set limits. 

Finally, the number of applications is huge in the UK, so you have to apply in advance. Connect with Admissify for more details and assistance. They are the best study abroad consultants Guwahati and can provide you with miscellaneous details like fees, scholarships, and courses as well. 

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