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How to get admission to Stanford University a guide!

July 15, 2022
How to get admission to Stanford University a guide!

Stanford University is a centre for research, entrepreneurship, and development in the San Francisco Bay Area, on the traditional grounds of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe. Stanford strikes a happy medium between MIT and Harvard. It looks for people with technical skills as well as those who have shown leadership in several areas. Stanford distinguishes itself from other Ivy League colleges by prioritizing STEM over subjects such as commerce and the liberal arts.

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In the admissions process at Stanford University, any student who is not a US citizen or a permanent resident is considered an international student. Since its foundation, overseas students have been a vital component of the university. Stanford is committed to admitting students from all around the world into its university community. Interactions between students from various backgrounds and cultures generate a unique learning and living space.

Regardless of citizenship or place of residency, the application process is the same across aspirants. For a freshman applicant, these are the crucial checklists:

  • Common application
  • Application fee 
  • ACT or SAT scores 
  • counselor’s letter of recommendation and report from the school
  • Official transcript or academic results
  • Letters of recommendation from two teachers
  • Midyear transcript (by February 15)

Educational requirements for getting into Stanford University:

Before enrolling at Stanford, you must already have, or anticipate having, a U.S. bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution or university abroad, or its foreign equivalent. The features of a country’s educational system, the kind of college you attended, and the depth of your studies are taken into account by Stanford when evaluating a post-secondary degree.

A bachelor’s degree in engineering or medicine, or a four-year bachelor’s degree, is required for an Indian candidate. It is important to note that a three-year bachelor’s degree in any discipline is not regarded as adequate for graduate study at Stanford. Following a three-year bachelor’s degree in India, a two-year master’s degree is necessary.

Tips to grab a chance at Stanford University:

  1. When making admissions selections, Stanford considers GPA, class rank, and the level of courses to be “extremely essential.” Maintain a 3.9 GPA despite taking the most rigorous classes offered.
  2. Stanford thinks that students should get the best possible test performance. One should strive for an SAT score of 1550 or an ACT score of 35. Stanford will prioritize the top individual Evidence-Based Literacy, Composition, and Math proficiency from all SAT sittings.
  3. When making admissions selections, Stanford believes talent/ability to be “extremely significant,” and extracurricular are effective methods to exhibit these. Developing an interest and active engagement in extracurricular activities such as Stem Talent Search, all-state selection in sport or music, or holding a top position of leadership in a well-known club all demonstrate your leadership abilities. Engaging in such activities makes a hopeful impression for satisfying talent pool norms.

Promising future at Stanford University:

Stanford graduates have developed multiple firms that collectively generate more than $2.5 trillion in yearly sales and have produced 5 million jobs, nearly comparable to the world’s seventh-largest economy. Stanford has 85 Nobel laureates, 29 Turing Award laureates, and eight Fields Medalists as students, graduates, teachers, or employees before April 2021. Furthermore, Stanford is well-known for its innovation and is one of the most prolific colleges in garnering start-up investment.

Perks of student life at Stanford University:

  • On-campus student residences, fraternities, and sororities.
  • The Multicultural community of students
  • Flexibility in pursuing undergraduate courses
  • Extended network in the job market
  • Exposure to new opportunities through internships, scholarships, and research
  • International student office to support issues of international students

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