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How to deal with language barriers during your abroad studies

November 21, 2022
How to deal with language barriers during your abroad studies

Studying abroad is not always glitz and glamour. Keeping up with lectures, assignments, part-time work, and feeling homesick can be very overwhelming at times (or most of the time). In such a situation, the language barrier becomes a significant burden. Regardless of how long you’ve studied the language of your host country, language barriers will emerge. It can be frightening to be unable to communicate effectively with others. During their education, students may be required to write academic papers in a language other than their native tongue. Their academic success suffers as a result of their inability to express themselves. Many students who are taking classes in a foreign language are afraid they don’t have a strong ability to express themselves leading to negative consequences, such as isolation, shame, sadness, frustration, anxiety, and even depression.

Luckily, the counsellors of the best overseas education consultants in Delhi have come up with some tips to help you smash these language barriers.

Speak up, don’t hesitate

Talking to new people in a foreign country can be embarrassing and cause an anxiety rush if you don’t know their native language. But you can’t wait years to learn a language and then start having conversations. All you have to do is speak up in their language. You may not always be understood. But after your first successful and unsuccessful interactions, your confidence will boost. Don’t be concerned about being correct or incorrect; instead, speak in the language you’re learning without being shy, embarrassed, or anxious. Be courageous and begin practicing because practice makes perfect.

Start with the basics

The idea of learning a new language, apart from handling your daily tasks, can be overburdening. So start early and start simple. Learn a few important words and phrases of that language and keep them handy. Save them on your phone. Use them as frequently as possible. It will smoothen out your journey of learning that language. As a first step, you can learn numbers and phrases such as yes, no, please, okay, thank you, and help. Once you have gained confidence in using these basic terms, you will gradually begin to try to understand the language.

Watch movies and series

Who doesn’t enjoy watching movies and TV shows? Why not watch it in the language you’re trying to learn? Spend some time with your local friends, watch shows in their language, and ask them if they have any questions. Abroad consultants in Delhi have realised from their numerous experiences with students that it’s a fun way to improve your command of the language.

Befriend locals

Make local friends who are willing to assist you in understanding the country’s culture and language. Furthermore, once you begin conversing with them, they are likely to provide you with the best advice on how to communicate effectively in their country. This is the most straightforward way to improve your everyday conversational skills while studying abroad. Speaking to them regularly will boost your fluency and confidence.

Use technology

One of the most effective ways to overcome language barriers is to use technology such as Google Translate and language apps. Google Translate can help you in a variety of difficult situations involving language barriers. In addition to typing something and receiving an instant translation, you can speak into the microphone and play the audio translation directly to the person with whom you are interacting. You can then switch the languages so they can speak back into the microphone in their native language. Download language learning apps like Duolingo. Record and listen to what you say. This will allow you to speak the language more quickly.


You should expect extreme mental exhaustion and be able to laugh at yourself. Trying to learn a new language but failing, and not being able to communicate with others in a completely new country can be daunting. Trying to speak a foreign language all the time will exhaust you and frustrate you. Overseas education consultants in Delhi advise that in such situations meeting someone who speaks your language will make you happy and give you the motivation to keep learning because you will realise you are not alone in this.

Buy a language dictionary

While most of us have access to online translation platforms, the majority of these services are untrustworthy for longer texts and full sentences. Investing in a language dictionary, on the other hand, is an easy way to become acquainted with local phrases and nuances.

Participate in language exchange programs and take up language papers

You can always opt for language papers in your university and also participate in language exchanges and meet-ups. These gatherings allow international and local students to “swap” languages for a short period of time. This is an excellent opportunity for international students to interact with local students. Any local student interested in learning your language can assist you with their country’s language and culture in exchange for learning your native language!

You’ve worked very hard and come this far. Don’t let these language barriers demotivate you. To know more about these insider tips, contact the best overseas education consultants in Delhi. You can also get more information about abroad study scholarships which will make your term more efficient.

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