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How To Deal With Harsh Canadian Winters?

November 3, 2022
How To Deal With Harsh Canadian Winters

Canada, without a doubt, is one of the most picturesque destinations that one can visit. Thus, it is often labelled as the Great White North. If you have ever visited Canada before, you probably know that the country has some of the harshest winters. However, all those who are planning to pursue study abroad courses in Canada need to keep a watch for this aspect of Canada.  No matter how beautiful the place looks, with snow-clad mountains and trees, it can be a pain for a few. 

Now that studying abroad in Canada seems like an attainable dream for you, you should take some steps to save yourself from the harsh winters. You can get in touch with a study abroad consultant, to get complete details about the Canadian weather and the necessary precautions that you should take. 

Facts About Canadian Winters 

The first thing that you should know about is the tenure of the Canadian winters. It mainly lasts from November till March. And, it is needless to say, that the time is bitter cold. The harshest time starts from mid-December till March-end. You will encounter two things, freezing wind and rain storms. You may also find people getting frost bites and a few suffering from Hypothermia. As an international student who is planning to go abroad for your studies, you ought to know that the temperature around this time can go below -15 degrees Celsius. The cities which have recorded really low temperatures in the past are Nova Scotia, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. However, you do not need to get scared. There are ways to get relief in all kinds of situations. The study abroad consultants in Delhi will give you many tips and ways to deal with the situation. 

Situations That International Students Face

Students from more than 180 nations head to Canada for their studies. According to the best study abroad consultants in Delhi, certain problems can seem overwhelming. However, you can get out of the situation if you know about the possible scenarios and their outcomes. You can get the real-time scenario, from the best overseas education consultants in Delhi, who have sent students to Canada for higher education. You should read about a few possible scenarios. 

  • If you are from a tropical country like India, you may not be able to cope with the harsh winters initially. This will make life a tad bit difficult in Canada. Moreover, you will have lots of problems going about mundane tasks like cooking, washing clothes, and scrubbing your floors cumbersome. You may not feel like touching the chilled water. The best overseas education consultant in Delhi for Canada has received many such incident reports from students who are already studying in Canada. 
  • Many students find it difficult to cope with the additional expenses of buying winter wear, which can be a bit expensive. During winter, shopping malls and shops sell winter clothing at higher rates than usual. No matter what, you need to arrange some of them, even if you have to procure them at a higher cost. Most students studying in Canada have reported this problem. You can connect with the best Canada consultants in Delhi to get more insight on this. 
  • You will find travelling a tad difficult in the bad weather. If there is a raging hailstorm or snowstorm outside, you will not be able to make it to the campus. So, you may miss some classes. Moreover, getting daily supplies may also be a challenge. However, the best UK education consultants in Delhi want all the international students to know the scenario, so that the students can make adequate arrangements. 

What You Can Do About It?

The study abroad consultants Guwahati have the best suggestions for all students. 

  • The moment you decide to head to Canada for your education, you should pack a lot of winterwear, or sweatshirts, at least. Thermals, high necks, long coats and sneakers can be good options. Boots are also another essential, that you need to invest in. 
  • You should also have a winter emergency kit. Moreover, a first aid kit and dry snacks are necessities around this time. A heater, flashlight and batteries can be of use as well. 
  • Skincare and haircare are a must, even during the harsh winters. So, get plenty of balms, moisturisers and creams. 
  • You should find out about the weather from locals beforehand so that you can make adequate preparations. 

You should always be informed, and also take care of your diet. Admissify will be the right solution provider to give you more assistance regarding the weather in Canada and survival strategies. The students will be by your side, as they might have faced and braved such weather while pursuing their education there. Admissify can also give you all the details of the courses, their fees, and scholarship

details as well. 

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