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How To Deal With Bullying Or Racism While Studying Abroad?

November 23, 2022
How To Deal With Bullying Or Racism While Studying Abroad?

When you have dreams to study abroad, then you should find out a few aspects of the same as well. The first thing that comes to a student’s mind is whether they can get the subject they long to study at their preferred university. Moreover, most students try to find out the fees, scholarships, and work prospects. These are of course, very important. However, you also need to be aware of crimes against the international students or more minor forms of bullying termed racism. While studying abroad, this is one of the most common issues that international students face. You could be one of them. So, it is better that you check with the study abroad consultant about the same. 

Types of Racism or Bullying Decoded 

According to study abroad consultants in Delhi, students face several types of racism or bullying. You should read about them in detail below.

  • Language Racism – This is probably the first thing, a student notices, on reaching a foreign country or campus. This mainly refers to sarcasm from the natives towards your accent. In fact, it is quite true that South Asians or Indians speak English in a manner of their own. It is quite different from how the Americans or the British speak English. If you are a senior student, you should always protect the new students, who may or may not happen to be from where you are. The best study abroad consultants in Delhi can tell you about the various issues that may arise and their possible solutions. 
  • Racial Hostility – Now, this can assume various forms. You could be a victim on a daily basis, in a subtle manner. It can happen when you enter the classroom or when you are in your accommodation neighbourhood. It can also take place at the marketplace, where you go to get your daily supplies. The racial hostility may take the form of racial remarks, the behaviour of the locals, or derogatory communication cues. You can actually sense it, whether or not the others can. However, it may not be direct, so you cannot even protest. The best overseas education consultants in Delhi have received reports of many such incidents from their past alumni. You can do three things; let it pass, respond at that moment, or later. You can actually take the third approach, which can be more well-thought out. This will also be sort of non-violent. 
  • Pandemic Racism – This is more recent, as most English and American students believe that China is responsible for the pandemic, as believed by the study abroad consultants Guwahati. Thus, you must have read about reports of harassment and bullying of Chinese students in places such as Russia, France, and the UK, of late. If you are from any Asian country, you may face the same. It is always better not to respond immediately in the event of a comment or distant remark. Stay calm, as a verbal assault may turn into a physical one, if you react. In such an event, you can get your teacher or University authorities to help you. That is what the best overseas education consultant in Delhi for UK believes in. 

Miscellaneous Bullying Reasons 

Although the above are the main racism issues that international students face, there are plenty of other cases, that go unreported. You could be a victim of discrimination like  cyber-bullying, LGBTQ discrimination, physical abuse, or some kind of sexual abuse as well. Many times, locals and natives start bullying international students on social media. It affects 1 out of 10 students. Verbal attacks, social discrimination, racial attacks, and discriminating comments are quite common in the USA as well. UK also comes close. 

According to the best UK consultants in Delhi, you should never take matters into your own hands. There are various systems and methods that you can avail yourself of:

  • The best UK education consultants in Delhi suggest that you talk to your university authorities or class teacher about it. Student unions at your college can also help you, as they know the locals as well. Get counselling help if you feel overwhelmed. 
  • Look out for anti-bullying campaigns, as they can help you to get some assistance. 
  • You can also raise a formal complaint with the law enforcement authorities, as they know how to handle such cases, better than anyone else. 

If you are still in doubt, get in touch with Admissify. They have the right expertise to advise you on such matters. Admissify is one of the most renowned admission counsellors for overseas studies. 

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