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How To Celebrate Diwali In The UK?

October 25, 2021
Diwali online with virtual performances.

Everyone who goes to study abroad has faced the dilemma of their traditional celebrations. It happens time and again that you might miss out on the opportunities to do so in a foreign place. Moreover, after the relaxation of restrictions post-pandemic, many students are staying back at their hostels and university accommodations. Since, already a year is lost, coming back home for celebrations is not an option. Diwali is an important celebration for Indian students. It is very popular all over the world, as well. It facilitates the triumph of goodness over evil.


Diwali usually falls between October and November. In India, people celebrate Diwali by lighting candles and crackers. The celebrations usually last over five days.  During the 5-day festival, many worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha together. The night before the puja, the doors and windows of the house are usually left open, for the gods and goddesses to come and settle down on the puja throne. It also involves cleaning the house. Indian Students In The UK Since the 1840s, Indian students have moved into the UK for education. Some went there for MBBS, and some for other biological studies. In the preceding times, Indian students started venturing forth to the UK for law, technology, and the Civil Services as well. Thus, you can call the UK a temporary haven for Indians. London, Leicester, Birmingham, and Manchester are the cities that have a high number of Indians.

The Best Overseas Education Consultant in Delhi has the right information to disseminate for all the Indian students vying to study abroad. Many students want to know, if they have to part with their customs and traditions, if they go to foreign shores. However, things are very different today. You can go abroad for foreign education and also remain in touch with your roots. There are students to go with an abroad study scholarship as well. Celebrations In Different Parts Of The UK Diwali celebrations in Trafalgar Square, London is quite common. In fact, it holds on of the biggest celebrations in London. The other is the famous Southall town which is otherwise known as Little India. More than 30,000 people congregate there, on such occasions. You can watch some of the most beautiful musical and dance renditions and awesome fireworks displays.

There are food stalls and workshops as well. In 2020, the celebrations were a bit different though. Most people distributed sweets and chocolates. However, the congregations were kept to a minimum. Leicester also sees the finest Diwali celebrations.

There is traditional music, dance, and plenty of food. Mela Rangoli Exhibition and Fireworks are held as well. This is one of the largest celebrations outside India. The entire Belgrave Road and Cossington Road are alighted with rice lights. It is a surreal sight. You can also buy jewelry and boutique items. Birmingham also has its share of celebrations during Diwali.  There are the best overseas education consultants in Delhi for UK, who will guide through all facets of your foreign education. Moreover, they can also advise you on the celebrations. Manchester is also one of the most popular places and a top favorite for Indian students. You can enjoy music, dance, and other celebrations there. Dussehra and Diwali are celebrated with equal aplomb. The year 2020 lacked all the above. But virtual celebrations are always on. Most students, who were there celebrated Diwali online with virtual performances. The best UK consultants in Delhi will be able to give you lots of tips for the celebrations. You should always get in touch with quality study abroad consultants before venturing into foreign shores. The study abroad consultants in Guwahati are always open to inquiries from the Eastern and Northern parts of India.


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