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How To Celebrate Diwali In Canada?

October 25, 2021

Diwali the festival that bestows light on all is celebrated in many parts of the world. Friends and family members meet one another, and also firework celebrations take place. The celebrations usually last for 5 days. Most Indians light candles and diyas as well. You will find all Indian homes decked up with lights. People wear new clothes and celebrate the occasion in all their finery. Sweets also form an important part of the celebrations. You can check out the various ways to celebrate the occasion in a foreign location as well.

Many students move to Canada for higher studies each year. You may be one of them. The first question, that arises is whether or not you will be able to celebrate the occasion. You can now get in touch with the Best Overseas Education Consultant in Delhi. They will you understand cultures across the continents. You will be amazed to know, that Diwali celebrations also take place in Canada. People decorate their homes and distribute sweets amongst their friends and family. Today, an abroad study scholarship is the perfect companion for Indian students.


Students Studying Abroad In Canada

More than 60,000 students have headed to Canada to study in 2021. It is a large number than that of the past few years. Canada has world-class educational facilities, a high standard of living, and a good job market. Moreover, many students get work opportunities there itself after completing their graduate programs. The visa process is also faster than other countries. The Best overseas education consultants in Delhi for CANADA can also provide you with the best advice on foreign education in Canada.

However, education is not the only thing that attracts Indians to Canada. It is culturally rich as well. You will find people from various cultures. Therefore, everybody celebrates all kinds of diverse occasions. Canada is also progressive and tolerant. That is one of the most important factors that draws Indians. If you are an Indian, looking to study abroad, you can know why? The best CANADA education consultants in Delhi will also connect you to the Indian community of students in Canada. So, you will never be far away from home.

Celebrations In Canada

Most Hindu, Sikh, and Jain communities celebrate Diwali in Canada. It is known as the Festival of Lights, there. Diwali dinners are being organized in several communities apart from the companies. People dress up in beautiful clothes and celebrate the occasion.

You will find the occasion being celebrated at the BAPs Swaminarayana Hindu temple every year. It is in Toronto. In 2020, due to nationwide pandemic lockdown, the government did not allow congregations. Most Canadians celebrated the occasion virtually. You may be making plans to study abroad. However, there would be a few doubts in your mind, regarding the viability of Hindu customs and traditions in Canada. A Study Abroad Consultant will clear all your doubts. The Vishnu Mandir, in Richmond Hill, is one of the places, where Diwali is celebrated with a lot of fanfare. In Vancouver many people celebrated Diwali virtually. Most festivities have moved online.

Students migrating to Canada for education are often inquisitive, as to how they will be able to stay connected to India. The study abroad consultants Guwahati can give you the right guidance on this.

Many students flock to Canada, as the place offers more for less. The tuition fee is lesser than that of other foreign universities. If you are planning to go abroad for education, or have reached there, you can enquire about the celebration possibilities with all measures in place. Many witness fireworks above Niagara Falls. Many organizations are shooting the event live and telecasting over various channels. You can be a part of the celebrations too.


You can get in touch with the best study abroad consultants in Delhi for more information. Admissify is your one-stop shop for education abroad opportunities. They have the complete know-how about the application process and will tell you the truth. Moreover, they have a good connectivity. So, you can gain authentic information and assistance from the most renowned overseas consultancy now. They are the best CANADA consultants in Delhi.

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