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How to Build your Profile for Summer Internships?

May 22, 2022
How to Build your Profile for Summer Internships?

So, it is time for another crucial phase of your life. It is time for summer internships. After you have completed your study abroad course, you should be looking hopeful of securing a stint with one of the renowned names in your sector. Your university will provide you with complete support in most cases. However, you can also fall back on the Best Overseas Education Consultant in Delhi for more guidance on the same. You have to keep certain things in mind while preparing for this important phase of your life. 

The Best overseas education consultants in Delhi for the UK will be there for your support in such a scenario. However, you can also take some initiative to make it a successful part of your stint. Here are a few things that will help you build your profile for summer internships. 


The Resume

There are various types of resumes that people come across. Moreover, you can recall the one-page resume and the two-page resume as well. The Two-page resume is quite a comprehensive one. It includes all your achievements in academics, professional courses, and also extra-curricular activities. However, you can forget about the two-page resume for a while. Every employer you approach will ask for a one-page resume. 

It does not matter what or how many years of professional experience you have. You can start your preparations early on, as you will get very less time in hand before the final plunge.  The best uk education consultants in delhi can highlight your career through proper support in preparing this resume. You can prepare the first draft and then many more to come. It is dynamic in nature and changes every time you progress in your career. You should always ask about it from the best uk consultants in delhi. Moreover, companies generally land up on the campus, so you have got to be prepared early on. 

Stream-specific Resume 

If you want to apply for a particular role, it makes sense to prepare a career-specific resume. This strategy helps you to get that much-awaited opportunity in a very targeted manner. Moreover, it is much easy to make changes in tailored resumes than in generic resumes.  So, being focused, does help in various situations. 

The study abroad consultants in delhi can also help you in building that perfect resume according to your target profile. 

Add An Achievement Segment 

You can also add the achievement segment in your resume. After you include your skills, goals, hobbies, and educational qualifications, this is mandatory. Moreover, it will help you to grab the employer’s attention. Undergraduate students normally do not have a lot of experience to show on their resumes. So, this helps. Well, it is not time to panic yet. When an employer visits the campus to pick its summer interns, experience is not a requirement. However, a column that you mark as ‘Achievement’ will grab the attention. You can add all your volunteering experience, projects that you completed and mention your sports activities here. It will help you to get the opportunity, amongst several others. If you are from the northeast, do not fret. The study abroad consultants Guwahati have brought in some major changes in the study abroad scenario and workspace. 

Add All the Information 

It is very important to add all the information pertaining to your academic life. You should mention all the information in chronological order. You should also add any special skills or courses, that you may have or attended. It should relate to the profile that you are applying for. You can also add a few references from the university. It will strengthen your application according to the best study abroad consultants in delhi. 


Career Centers 

You can also approach your university or college career center. Furthermore, they can help you to build that perfect resume. You can approach them and respectfully ask for their guidance. Some universities will also go one step ahead and conduct a mock interview after having helped you in the preparation if the profile for your summer internships. You can get much help and information from the Study Abroad Consultant. 

These are a few things that should help you to build your profile for a summer internship. Get in touch with Admissify for more insight on these. You can send them an email at info@admissify.com/. You will get a reply quickly. 

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