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How to build your child’s profile for Ivy League Universities?

December 1, 2022
Ivy League Universities

The parents envision their child getting the best education to achieve his/her full potential under excellent faculties. This is why Ivy League Universities across the globe receive thousands and thousands of applications every year. The best study abroad consultants in Delhi have guided many students to get admission to top schools across the globe and highly recommend that parents should start planning and building an academic profile for their child as early as middle school. In today’s age of competition, merely gaining the highest scores is not enough as Ivy League schools receive numerous applications with similar grades. You should make conscious efforts and choices to make the profile of your child stand out in the pool of applications at the universities. 

Read the full article below to understand what our study-abroad consultants and experts suggest to parents on building a child’s profile for Ivy League universities. 

Show aptitude through extra-curricular activities

The study abroad consultants in Delhi suggest that your child’s participation in extra-curricular activities at the school level is unquestionably the easiest way to demonstrate the skillset in any college application that your child possesses. As a parent, you should encourage your child to engage in any sports activity of their choice as they indicate teamwork, resilience, discipline, and time management skills. Some other activities include, but are not limited to, engagements in debates or student government to showcase your child’s potential through skills like critical thinking, leadership, and adapting to new information. 

Internships and volunteering services

The best study abroad consultants at admissify who build student profiles for Ivy League Universities affirm that Your child’s involvement in internships and services in NGOs is going to give them an upper edge over other applicants. You should make sure that your child takes up apt internship opportunities that fit well in the academic profile and interest of the child. Along with this, highlight the involvement of your child in community services to exhibit their qualities such as caring, compassion, and willingness to help the less fortunate in society. 

Add-on certification courses

As has been established by now that your child needs to go that extra mile to be noticed by the admission committee in Ivy League Universities. The online courses on various platforms that your child can take along with their studies are a sure way to display their passion for the subject area. You should look for suitable online courses that align with the interest of the child as well as the specialization that he/she wishes to pursue in higher education. The best study abroad consultants assert that you should make sure that the course includes a recognized and verifiable certification or even better a credit transfer at the university level. 

Aptitude tests and Personal Essays

In addition to the aforementioned, a student seeking an admit to leading universities in the world should prepare and sit for standardized aptitude tests such as SAT and ACT to enhance their profile. After all the hard work of many years, when the time comes to apply to universities, special attention should be paid to the essays and personal statements that go along with the application form. Devote time to skillfully draft a piece that inculcates all the positive aspects to boost your application. The study abroad consultants in Guwahati can assist you to draft a flawless essay and with other tips and tricks. 

Finally, make sure you start early and avoid applying at the last minute. You should read all the requirements for the application and compile all the documents timely. If you have any confusion and need any guidance, the best study abroad consultants in Delhi can help you to correctly fill out an application for an Ivy League University. 

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