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How exposure to new cultures benefits your personal growth?

September 1, 2022
How exposure to new cultures benefits your personal growth?

Most graduates will tell you that when you ask them about their recollections and life experiences, they ventured outside their comfort zone and experienced some of their most beautiful and essential moments. Adults who lead hectic lives frequently succumb to habit and tedium. One of the most acceptable ways to venture outside of your current comfort zone is to travel for a study abroad program. Numerous people aspire to visit other countries and live there, yet many never fulfill these ambitions. Many people are discouraged from beginning their adventure due to fear of the unknown and going through culture shock.

The best way to define culture shock is as emotional confusion accompanied by shock and worry. It happens when you are transplanted into a foreign setting far from your hometown, family, and friends. At the beginning of their journeys, most people feel a certain amount of homesickness and distress. Exposure to a different language, sights, scents, people, and an entirely new culture can be both invigorating and daunting. The familiar support system you are used to at home is lost when you study abroad. You will grow more autonomous, self-reliant, and self-assured as you figure out how to live successfully in a different society. You will develop greater responsibility when you undertake tasks like commuting to work or using the subway. Moreover, you can learn about the risks and patterns of studies from the best overseas education consultants in Delhi. 


Personal developments

By teaching you to trust your instincts, live through times of loneliness and unfamiliarity, and grow a thicker skin, going through culture shock will drastically change the way you think and act. When they are exposed to vulnerability, people grow tremendously personally. Yes, it can be frightening, unpleasant, and puzzling to be in a strange place while studying abroad. However, such experiences mould who you are as a person by guiding your discovery of your strengths and character. Stressful circumstances reveal character and, almost always, aid in its development. 

More extensive and diverse circle of Friends

You’ll have the chance to broaden your network of friends to include folks from all over the world once the effects of culture shock wear off and you feel more at ease in your new surroundings. Many students have shared with the best study abroad consultants in Delhi that the opportunity to make new friends and experience life abroad is one of the most excellent aspects of travelling and living abroad. Meeting people with diverse viewpoints, upbringings, and life experiences may be a changing event since it frequently makes you a more receptive person. Moreover, similar to how it does the same for you, it gives you access to opportunities that would otherwise be closed to you in other parts of the world.

Learning a new language

You will be expected to adapt and pick up the new language rapidly if you encounter culture shock when learning a new language. In today’s linked world, having a second language is increasingly necessary. Language acquisition through Study abroad programs differs significantly from language acquisition through immersion in a foreign environment. Since cognition and language are intertwined, learning a new language will allow you to think in new ways.

Broadening of thought spectrum with travelling

Multiculturalism shouldn’t be feared because learning about a new culture is an incredibly thrilling and freeing experience. Travelling or studying abroad will allow you to see stuff you might not otherwise see and experience enjoyable and novel activities that aren’t available to you at home.

Imagine how fascinating it would be to ride an elephant in Southeast Asia, journey around China’s paddy fields, traverse Russia’s Red Square, or visit the Amazon basin in Brazil. Discovering a new culture’s music, experimenting with its cuisine, and learning about its history and traditions makes you a more affluent person as a whole and adds to your life experience, which you will look back on fondly in the future.


Tolerance and celebrating the differences 

Despite differences in cultures, languages, and nationalities, we all have the same goals: to live a happy life, cherish who we are, shield our friends and families, and earn a comfortable living. Travelling overseas is a powerful reminder of how similar our human experiences are in this breathtakingly beautiful world.

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