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GMAT Reading Comprehension: Tips and Strategies for GMAT RC

July 15, 2022

Reading Comprehension or RC forms a vital part of the GMAT paper. Furthermore, if you are determined to join a specific college or university abroad, you must fulfil the respective criteria first. One such condition is securing a specific cut-off mark in GMAT. So, when you are dreaming of studying abroad, please be ready to crack these entrance examinations.

The paper of GMAT tests the analytical, reasoning, and verbal skills of students. The MCQ-type questions are divided into four sections. Moreover, you will get limited time to complete each of these sections. Wrong answering will attract negative markings. So, the students have to be very careful while answering. Out of the four segments, Verbal Reasoning tests the students’ evaluation skills for different arguments, measures their knowledge of English, and verifies their capacities in writing, reading, and understanding anything in English.

Reading Comprehension constitutes the primary part of Verbal Reasoning. You can get complete details of the mark divisions and the allotted number of questions from the best study abroad consultants in Delhi. To learn more, continue reading the full content. You will surely benefit in the end.


Details Of The GMAT Comprehension Section

Reading Comprehension comprises around one-third of the total number of questions in the Verbal Reasoning section of a GMAT paper. Therefore, you can easily understand how crucial it is to score good marks in RC. This section can fetch you high scores leading to easy admission to your dream university. You can get better and more detailed clarification from the best education consultants in Delhi. Check the respective website and enter your queries in the specified box. The online chat option will ensure instant responses from the organizations.

Now, we will describe Reading Comprehension and some rules related to it. Some exciting strategies are there to score well in this portion. Consultation with any study abroad consultant can help you give mock tests and understand the tricks of securing the cut-off marks. Of course, there are other segments of the Verbal section. But students take a lot of time to answer questions on RC. Hence, it is essential to know some tips to save precious time during the exam. The strategies below will help you overcome the challenge of scoring brilliantly in the RC part of the GMAT.

Essential Tips For Reading Comprehension

Here are a few critical tips you must remember while answering various RC parts. The questions in this section have six sub-divisions. They are;-

  • Main Idea
  • Inference
  • Supporting Idea
  • Style
  • Logical Structure
  • Application

Every such sub-division has a specific intention to test the abilities of the candidate. However, the order of questions can be anything. So, you need to identify the type of question by reading it very well. The professionals of the best overseas education consultants in Delhi can provide ideal guidance.

The tips commonly cover the importance of all the types you get in Reading Comprehension.

  1. Read the passage thoroughly

The first and most important thing about Reading Comprehension is READING. It implies that you must minutely read the passage and understand each word.

  1. Try to identify the essence of the passage

You will slowly understand the main essence as you go through the passage carefully, without skipping any line. Try to identify the idea so that you can utilize it while answering the questions.

  1. Read again for the Main Idea

If you are missing the main idea, please re-read the passage. Keep on reading till the time you understand the main idea.

  1. Locate the Keywords and primary information

Some words can help you understand the logic and idea of the passage. You have to identify those words or the information. Furthermore, you must disregard any unnecessary information and find the required data to answer the questions correctly.

  1. Please do not search for matching words given in the questions

Often, the students fall into the trap of words given in the questions. Sometimes, the wrong words seem to be the right ones as they are almost identical to the terms in the passage. Hence, you must not look for matching words while giving answers.

  1. Refer back in case of confusion

If you feel any confusion, please refer back to the passage. Only good reading can help you give correct answers.

  1. Think, understand the need of the question and then answer

Always think and then answer. Please understand the need for every question and search for suitable answers from the passage.

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