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Global Education Trends Among Indians

October 29, 2021

Many international students are looking for education abroad. It is more so, for Indian students who want to become global citizens. A foreign degree opens up multiple pathways for students. Students get exposed to various cultures worldwide. It leads to holistic development.  Students interact with various cultures there. The Best Overseas Education Consultant in Delhi can explain the various facets of abroad education for you. You will be amazed to know, that more than 2 lac students went abroad by 2020. And, they did not head there to work. But to study. The figures declined after the pandemic struck. The growth rate is almost 15 %. Indian stands at No. 2 position, when it comes to global exports of students. Many students have also availed themselves of an abroad study scholarship as well. Here you will know about the growth trends and key driving factors.


Growth Trends For Foreign Education Abroad

You can even consult the Best overseas education consultants in delhi for uk to know about the real facts and most authentic information. Some of the locations that Indian students favor for foreign education are the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany. You should know the reasons why?

  • The USA is an unparalleled choice for millions of students worldwide. The place has the best global universities and is a cultural melting point. You will find all nationalities there. However, the fees are on the higher side. The current pandemic and the political situation have hampered some of the US. prospects. The best uk education consultants in delhi will give you the real figures. Moreover, the study and work norms are a bit stringent in the US which acts as a dampener. 
  • The UK is the most-preferred destination for foreign education. The new visa policies and Graduate immigration route act as a boon. The degrees are diplomas achieved in the UK are recognized across the globe. The countries have bilateral agreements to take in more Indian students on flexible terms. That is something worth mention. You will find a decline in the number of students going to the UK in 2020 and 2021, due to the pandemic. However, the figures are all set to increase once again. 
  • Canada is one of the most-friendly destinations for all races. The country also welcomes Indians with open hands. The country already has a strong Indian community staying there. Moreover, the place is peaceful and safe. Indians love that. It is also less expensive than the USA. Canada has very liberal immigration policies. Many students have secured permanent residency in Canada, after completing their education. The best uk consultants in delhi will tell you the same thing. The study abroad consultants in delhi have been dealing with Indian students and the offshore authorities for quite some time. So, if you have any doubts, you can get in touch with them as well. 
  • Australia is also the second-most loved nation after Canada. The immigration policies are quite liberal too. You will find many Indians settled in Australia. The student enrollments are increasing at a faster rate there. Outbound Indian students are heading to Australia in huge numbers today. Get in touch with the best Study Abroad Consultant to get all real figures today.

Other countries on the list are New Zealand and Germany. Moreover, you will find the place to be quite in terms of education.


Factors That Affect Abroad Education

Talking about foreign education trends, some of the factors that impact it are:

  • Safety and security
  • Employability
  • University Culture
  • Infrastructure
  • Weather
  • Night life

Most students consult the study abroad consultants Guwahati to get more information on these aspects. Moreover, the parents are also concerned. So, you as a student should make it a point to take your parents to the overseas consultant for a face-to-face meeting.

Admissify is one of the best study abroad consultants in delhi. You can get in touch with them from any part of the country. They are available through email, over phone calls and WhatsApp as well. They are the experts in this field. Therefore, you must ask them about the pros and cons of studying at any of the universities before taking a final decision. They also guide you through the process.

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