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General information on British Chevening scholarships for international students!

January 10, 2022

Chevening is a scholarship program promoted by the UK government for international students. It is sponsored by the Commonwealth, foreign, Development Office and other partner organizations.

Chevening is a scholarship program promoted by the UK government for international students. It is sponsored by the Commonwealth, foreign, Development Office and other partner organizations. This scholarship is for deserving students who want to study in the UK under a one-year fully-funded master’s course.

This scholarship is available for candidates of various backgrounds. They demonstrate their passion, motivation, and desire, which helps them shape a better future world.


Benefits For Joining This Scholarship

The students who successfully join this scholarship gets full coverage for their tuition fee in some of the world-class universities in the UK.  The vast opportunity and diversity enrich the students’ overall development in such a perfect way that they become ready for any adverse situation in a work environment. The scholarship awardee joins together after availing of the scholarship. Overall there are fifty thousand candidates who get selected from all over the globe. In such a cosmopolitan learning environment, the students can thrive excellently.

Required Documents For Application

  •       Academic documents and reports are essential.
  •       The offer letter from the nominated university of the UK is required.
  •       The references and the recommendation letters are essential documents required, along with the application form.
  •       The candidate must keep track of the final submission date.
  •       The last action is to update the application by uploading the documents online.
  •       The order of the documents is to be maintained. Otherwise, the process will cease.

The Eligibility Of The Candidates For The Chevening Scholarship

  1. Must belong to the eligible countries.
  2. The undergraduate courses must be finished before applying for the master’s courses.
  3. The honors must have at least an upper second-class score.
  4. The candidates must have two years of working experience.
  5. Three different universities must send an offer letter to the applicant.

Some Unfavorable Conditions For The Application;

  1. candidate cannot possess any British citizenship
  2. The candidate cannot have refugee status in any non-Chevening eligible country.
  3. The candidate cannot hold any employment record at Her Majesty’s Government or the British council or staff of the commonwealth association.
  4. candidate cannot work for the organization of the Chevening partner within two years of the application
  5. Candidates who have studied in the UK before with government funds cannot apply. A masters’ degree can be accompanied by another master’s degree. Hence, candidates with a master’s degree can easily apply and explain their motif for this scholarship application. And how they will enhance and influence their society with their field.

Any form once sent online is non-redoable; hence applicants must be careful while filling the form.

Chevening Scholars does not provide a Graduate route visa. Hence, with a Chevening Scholarship, you have to agree to return home after completing your two-year course.

More About Chevening

  •       The program is awarded to outstanding scholars who ahs leadership potential in them.
  •       they belong to over 160 countries around the world
  •       This scholarship is very competitive, and only one point five percent of the participants are shortlisted. Over one hundred thirty countries take part in this scholarship program.
  •       The UKCISA has explicit instructions about the eligibility as well. Many other universities have scholarships and stipend programs for postgraduation students.
  •       There is no age bar for this scholarship.

In short, the candidates who get selected are benefitted in the following ways;

  •       fully-funded award
  •       a monthly stipend
  •       university tuition fees
  •       cost of traveling to and from the UK
  •       allowance
  •       departure allowance
  •       the expense of visa application
  •       a travel grant for attending events related to Chevening in the UK 

Some online agencies and consultancies offer factual information regarding the desired application and examination for abroad education. Admissify is one such Delhi-based consultancy that can provide you with ample information about the British Chevening scholarships for international students.

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