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Foreign Degrees Lead To Better Opportunities: The Thoughts Of Majority Students

October 2, 2022
Foreign Degrees Lead To Better Opportunities: The Thoughts Of Majority Students

Most students nowadays give more importance to foreign education for building a robust career. It is often a question for the traditional Indians why most students prefer to move out for their higher studies. The answer lies in their incredible benefits abroad, the developed infrastructure, traveling opportunities, different cuisines, and the amazing environment. Besides, a degree from a foreign university adds some color to the Curriculum Vitae. Therefore, job placements will be more easily available if you complete higher education abroad.

Many experts indicate the significance of foreign degrees and suggest that the students obtaining them are in an advantageous position. Here we present the results of one of the recent surveys conducted by professionals in this field to understand what the students think in this matter.


All About the Latest Study of Social Impact Report

As per the latest study report regarding Social Impact by MPOWER, more than 83% think studying in a foreign country will give them a great job. Furthermore, they will be exposed to global educational standards and learn about the practical implementations of the different concepts they study. Hence, the aspirants are surely right in thinking that working abroad can be possible by getting a degree from abroad.


However, it does not mean you have to join only the graduate and undergraduate programs. Several diploma courses and certification programs are also available depending on the choices of the students. Therefore, even if you have completed the bachelor’s and master’s in your home country, you can still get the chance to study in a foreign country.

The competitive edge is more evident for foreign education. Furthermore, you can have prospective jobs in any country you like. The acceptance of foreign degree holders is higher in the home country for Indians. Therefore, the aspirants consider overseas education as one of the significant decisions for a bright future.

Global connectivity has changed the whole scenario of the modern education system. Hence, the students can even take up online courses without flying to their respective countries physically. Furthermore, it has been found that Distance Education has changed the lives of more than 42% of young aspirants.

Details of the Financial Aids for Foreign Education

The willingness to study in a foreign country does not complete the admission process. The aspirant has to check eligibility by consulting with a professional and proceeding with filling out the form. Furthermore, they select the universities based on the availability of the desired courses, tuition fees, average living costs, global ranking of the concerned university, and many others. However, many Indians drop the plan of moving abroad due to financial constraints. But that can be resolved with the help of the educational loans available now.


The statistics of the Social Impact Report say that over 62% of Indian aspirants like to go for educational loans. However, many are aware of the excellent scholarship schemes granted by different foreign institutes and the governments of various countries. Therefore, around 50% is the probable ratio of scholarship students.

Moreover, most students are between 18 and 24 years and are selected for undergraduate courses. But on the other hand, the age group of 25 to 30 years is also common and constitutes approximately 34% of the total applicants.


Today, due to the availability of educational loans and online classes, more students find it easy to go for overseas education. They depend on these financial aids to ensure the life of their choice. Admissify supports these aspirants and even renders professional support over the phone or web portal. You can also WhatsApp on 09999-127085 or write an email for further inquiries.

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