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Felix Scholarships For Indian Students

January 10, 2022
Felix Scholarships For Indian Students

This prestigious scholarship was awarded to financially challenged and academically gifted students. This scholarship program provides benefits and privileges to scholars from various developing countries like India.

This prestigious scholarship was awarded to financially challenged and academically gifted students. This scholarship program provides benefits and privileges to scholars from various developing countries like India. It is a great choice for students of India to opt for this scholarship. The universities under which this scholarship is availed are oxford, reading, and SOAS. These are some of the oldest universities in the UK. they are well-known for the high quality of exams they can provide for their brilliant students.


The objective of Felix scholarship

The scholars who are awarded this scholarship are known as Felix scholars. The Felix scholarship for Indian students provides exposure and opportunity to create, expand and develop their career and social circle. The scholarship aims to induce skill, vision, and suggestions to look into the future of their career path in a broader sense. This way, they will become more customizable and accommodating among the various cultures mix and groups. These individuals will become the ultimate symbol of welfare and goodwill for their country and community.  This scholarship is awarded based on the academic performance and the financial needs of the candidates. The scholarship was started with six candidates, increasing remarkably to twenty percent of the educational enrolment every year. More than four hundred students have been provided with Felix scholarships. The students from various countries were given this scholarship. Indian students comprise most of the badges of the Felix scholarship. 

The countries(other than India) Felix scholarship covers are;

  •          Cameron
  •          Sri Lanka
  •          Malawi
  •          Nigeria
  •          Zimbabwe
  •          Lebanon
  •          Peru
  •          Ethiopia
  •          Belarus
  •          Czech Republic
  •          Kenya
  •          Ghana
  •          Egypt
  •          South Africa
  •          Turkey
  •          Hungary
  •          Hungary 

Eligibility criteria

The following requirements are a must for the candidates before applying for the Felix scholarship;

  1. The candidate must graduate with a first-class mark, and a reputable university must provide the degree.
  2. The candidates who are non-Indian are required to have a bachelor’s degree with first-class marks. Any reputable university itself must provide the degree.

Application process

  •          Candidates can apply to anyone institution
  •          The universities have their links and sites to apply for the scholarship
  •          The rules and regulations may slightly vary according to the university
  •          The method of applying to this university is one, and there is no alternative way.
  •          The candidate must wait for consent from the authorities of the universities.

The last date for applying for the Felix scholarship is usually from December to January, which the students need to be sure about through the websites. The universities have their form to be filed before applying for the scholarship. 

The procedure of the scholarship program

After the students fulfill the application criteria, the universities shortlist the candidates’ names. After shortlisting, the students are guided to fill several forms and respond via mail to process the application. The universities can take a few months to shortlist the names.

The shortlisted names are called for interviews. The interview is taken separately under each of the three universities. The Indian students are presented to the committee, who will further carry out the selection process via interviews. Any non-Indian student is selected by any one of the three universities.


 Let us know about the interview procedure.

The interviews taken by the universities are based on the ability of the candidate based on their subject matter. The candidates are judged based on their personality and financial requirements. They justify the suitability of the Felix scholarship program with the candidate. Therefore the candidate can take professional training before the interview to be sharply prepared. The candidates must have good quality speaking and writing skill in English. These interviews are generally of thirty minutes duration.

These interviews are in-person communication. Hence, the students are supposed to be present before the interviewer. The centers of the interviews are Bangalore and Delhi for Indian students. The candidate has to avail the travel cost and the accommodation for the interview. The universities will contact the candidate if they pass the interview.

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