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Exams Required to Study in the USA

June 21, 2022
Exams Required to Study in the USA

The aspirants must qualify for specific tests before admission to any US institution. These are to prove their proficiency in English and other languages. Without the scores on different language proficiency tests, the application eligibility will not be fulfilled. However, not all universities accept all types of examinations. So, it is crucial to discuss with the authorities of the concerned institute.

Nowadays, you can quickly check the website of the institute and check out the various criteria. But to make things easily accessible, the study abroad consultants can be of great help. You have to mention the course you want to join and the country. The responsibility of the rest will be that of the experts.

Here is a small list of the most common exams and the scores you must submit while applying for a particular course abroad.


Necessary Examinations For Studying Abroad

Multiple exams are there to ensure your smooth admission to a certain course in a US university. You can quickly get the whole list from the best study abroad consultants in Delhi. These are;-

American College Test This is a standardized exam, commonly known as the ACT, for getting admission to any American college. Most of the institutions in the USA accept the scores obtained in this examination. It is a way of evaluating the analytical abilities of the applicants. The multiple-choice paper has four sections, and the cut-off marks are 22.

  • Graduate Record Examination

GRE is one of the crucial tests, especially for applying to master’s degree courses. Moreover, it is mandatory to join an engineering course or MBA. You can now give the test in online mode. The average duration of the exam is three hours. You have to answer the multiple-choice questions in three different sections. The total marks for the entire test are 160. Furthermore, the fees for the exam in Indian currency are between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 16,000.

  • Scholastic Aptitude Test

When it comes to studying in America, most Indians prepare for the SAT or Scholastic Aptitude Test. This is a combined paper of MCQs and descriptive questions. You can give several mock tests with the study abroad consultants to crack the final test with concerned cut-off scores. Furthermore, Government grants and scholarships are readily available by showing the scores on this test. The approximate fees are around Rs. 7900/- with writing. However, you can also appear for the test without giving the writing part. It applies to the students joining the courses for undergraduate degrees. Thus, it is evident that the postgraduate aspirants need not show these scores.

  • Graduate Management Admission Test

GMAT is a very popular exam for admission to a foreign institute. Only the best overseas education consultants in Delhi can verify your eligibility by determining the scores of this test. 700 is the cut-off mark to qualify for the admission process. Although several universities do not mandate the GMAT marks, it is also essential for job placements. The long-drawn exam is for 3 hours and 7 minutes. Around Rs. 18,620/- is the fee to give this test.


If you want to learn more about these tests and their respective cut-off marks and eligibility criteria, please go for Admissify. The website to visit is www.admisify.com. You can also book an appointment with the knowledgeable faculty by dialing the official number.

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