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Everything You Need To Know About Germany’s Green Card Scheme

November 13, 2022
Everything You Need To Know About Germany's Green Card Scheme

Germany has decided to overhaul the country’s current immigration processes. And, it seems great news for all the aspirants who want to relocate to Germany. It is good news for study abroad aspirants, as well. Most students dream of studying abroad so that they can lead successful corporate lives and also get permanent residency in greener pastures. If you also dream about such things, you are on the right page. You can also connect with the study abroad consultant, who can guide you on the various aspects of the process. 

The New Points-based System 

The Green Card scheme is a points-based scheme, which will make immigration easier. If you do not have a confirmed job, you can still go to Germany, stay there for a stipulated period, and then look for a job. The reason why the Government, has come up with such an offering for foreigners, is to address its acute manpower shortage. You can get a good overview of the scenario from the study abroad consultants in Delhi. Such consultants have counterparts in all corners of the globe, and Germany is no different. So, they can tell you what courses are doing great in terms of jobs in the nation. If you have the aptitude for such courses, you can pursue them and also get German citizenship. You will find the best study abroad consultants in Delhi to have all the information. 

Certain sectors are facing a staff crunch, as the country devises several plans to get ahead with the upliftment of its economy after the pandemic. But the skilled staff are in acute shortage. Just like the Green Card of the USA, Germany is launching its version, which is called ‘Chancenkarte.’ It is an opportunity card. You may come across a specific visa for job seekers, but this one promise to be more hassle-free. 

Criterion To Be Eligible For The Green Card 

As per the best overseas education consultants in Delhi, you have to meet certain eligibility criteria to get the card. They are given underneath. 

  • You should hold a university degree or some professional qualification. 
  • You must have had a work experience of at least three years. 
  • The language skills must be adequate.
  • Your age should be under 35. 

The Government is likely to issue a limited number of cards initially, and will probably increase the numbers in the times to come. If you want to secure a living in Germany, this is for you. The German Government is in the process of releasing more information on the card. The best overseas education consultant in Delhi for Germany can give you complete information as well. You can connect with the consultants 24×7. This card is quite similar to the Canadian one. However, the internal format is a bit different. 

Present Scenario for Foreign Job-seekers 

If you get in touch with the best German consultants in Delhi, they will be able to give you complete information about what is happening now. Most workers who are from outside the European Union need to get a job offer and then approach the officials for a visa. However, the process is quite lengthy. Many citizens from countries like the USA and Australia can enter the country for as many as 90 days without a visa, but they cannot work there on contract. The study abroad consultants Guwahati will let you know more details like this. 

Thus, the new Green card promises to make it easier for workers from non-EU nations to enter the country and then secure a job. Applying for and getting a residence permit, will also be easier. You can get all the assistance regarding such processes not only for Germany but for other nations as well, from the best UK education consultants in Delhi. 

At present, Germany is undergoing a lot of upheavals due to a shortage of manpower. The country is also trying to abolish paper-based processes. Therefore, if you happen to study at a German University, you can start looking for a job after completing the course itself. You do not need to return and then search. So, this new process will save a lot of time for study-abroad aspirants and job seekers. 

You can connect with Admissify, who are the one-stop solution providers in matters related to foreign education and immigration. They will assist you with information on fees, scholarships, and the entire process. 

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