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Essential Documents for Study Abroad

December 29, 2020
Essential Documents for Study Abroad

Planning to study abroad but confused about the accurate documents required for a successful admission without any hurdles. Well, don’t worry as this article will list down all the necessary documents which are required in all the universities. Today, choosing the best destination, course and accommodation are not that hard but documentation process can be time taking. Before you apply for any university as per your choice, you need to be ready and prepared with all the documents which are required during the admission process to ease your application procedure.

ILETS score card

For a smooth application process, list down all the important documents which every university would ask for during the admission procedure. You would be sending a set of documents to all the universities, make sure you divide all the documents equally. If required, seek help from Admissify as we promise to help you throughout your admission process. Right from the application process to arriving at the destination, Admissify will help you throughout. I am listing all the documents which are very essential.


Test Score Cards

When planning to study abroad, every international student needs to appear for and clear the competitive exam. These competitive test scores play a very important role in your admission procedure. If you are applying for any art course, you are required to take TOEFL or IELTS which will proof your language proficiency. Other than that, there are certain universities which will ask for GMAT, GRE or ELSAT scores. However, not all universities mandate these tests. Make sure that before choosing any university, you go through all the eligibility criteria and be aware about all the test necessary for the admission. Also, all these competitive test scores have a valid date and time. Make sure you apply during their validity otherwise you would be asked to sit for the exam again.

Application Form

Application form of any university holds a very important position when it comes to applying for studying abroad. The application form contains all your personal and professional details. Make sure you fill all the details right and correct.



LOR (Letter of Recommendation) and SOP (Statement of Purpose) are as important as any academic scores or any test scores. In detail, LOR is a description of one’s character from a third-person point of view. You can ask your professor or anyone from the professional ground who is well aware of your experiences, achievements, skills and contribution in various grounds. On the other hand, SOP defines your interest for the course which you are applying for, your career goals and other important details. These two documents play a very significant role as every foreign university asks for SOP and LOR and ones get selected if only these documents get selected by the university. Make sure you write an impressive one. Don’t make it lengthy or boring. Every university provides a certain word limit. Make sure you don’t stretch more than a given word limit.

Financial Support Proofs

Financial support proofs or FSP represents your current financial circumstances. This proof is available at the bank in a form of a Bank Statement. The document is particular will proof that you will be able to support yourself while studying abroad financially. If your parents are supporting your studies financially, submit the Bank Statement accordingly. If you have taken an education loan, you can also provide a Loan Approval Letter as proof of fund. You can easily receive that from the bank you have applied for a loan from. For all those students who are granted a scholarship, can attach the letter of scholarship as evidence of your financial capability.


A transcript is a collective form of all your academic scores or mark sheets of your university and school. Your last university or school you have been into will help in arranging your transcripts in a right manner accordingly. As per the requirement of the university, your scores would be converted into credit score or GPA.


Travel Documents

One of the most important documents without which your travel is impossible is none other than your Passport. You need to have a valid passport as it is an ultimate proof of your identity. Also, you need to have your right visa, photo ID, international student Identity Card and your acceptance letter provided by the university.

I hope this article helped you in providing all the essential documents which every Indian and international student needs to arrange before applying for studying abroad. For further guidance and information, Contact Admissify today. Admissify aims that your stay is comfortable and memorable. Visit our office today and get all the necessary information or visit www.admissify.com for more information and get connected with us today.

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