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Effect Of The Russian War On Your Abroad Studies Dream

October 7, 2022
Effect Of The Russian War On Your Abroad Studies Dream

When the world was slowly crawling back to normal, Russia struck Ukraine. For the last two years, the pandemic has made life difficult for students and professionals alike. And, then, the war. It was like a hot blow to mankind. If you were nurturing dreams to study abroad, this may be important for you. The crisis between the two countries has a global impact. After having first invaded Ukraine in 2014, Russia again did the unthinkable in 2022. As an aftermath of this conflict, many people have been left homeless and have turned into refugees. In the middle of this crisis, many students who had gone to Ukraine from across the globe faced uncertain futures. The study abroad consultant has been receiving frantic calls from the students and their parents asking for assistance to transfer the students to safety. 

If you were looking for options for studying abroad, then the current situation can hit you hard. Read about the complete details here. 

Effects on International Students 

According to the study abroad consultants in Delhi, there were a lot of students who were studying medicine in Ukraine. The number revolved around 18,000 to be precise. In Russia, there were close to 19,000. The Indians are the worst affected as there are many students who looked at these two countries for medical, healthcare, nursing, and dental education. The supposedly low cost of education and living costs made a difference. Many of the international students who were already enrolled in medicine courses, have their careers hanging midway. However, the government is in talks with other countries, so that the students can be transferred there and they can continue with their education. 


You can consult about the situation with the best study abroad consultants in Delhi. To assist the students, the Indian government has raised the number of medical seats for NEET- qualified students from 85,000 to 90,000. So, the students can enrol in the program, or look for opportunities abroad. You will be bewildered to know that the cost of studying MBBS abroad in countries like Russia and Ukraine is lower than that of India. Moreover, the seats are still short. Thus, medicine aspirants have to venture abroad, if they want to continue with their studies. As a student, who completes his or her medical degree abroad, the incumbent has to do a year of internship, and then only they can come back and practice in India. Moreover, they have to seek a registration from the State Medical Board. The medical graduates can start practicing in India, after another internship of 12 months in India. Stay connected with the best overseas education consultants in Delhi to get the latest news. 

Thus, you can see that programs in healthcare are the most affected as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war. The unsafe conditions abroad and the political instability deeply affects the prospects of medical aspirants. In the near future, very few students will be willing to risk their money in seeking admission to the two countries, no matter if peace is back. The best overseas education consultant in Delhi for Russia/ Ukraine is also keeping their fingers crossed. 

Countries Calling Stranded Students To Continue Their Degree 

In the midst of all this melee, many countries like Poland, Hungary, and Romania have invited students, who could not finish their medical courses in Ukraine or Russia. The top medical institutes are located in the above countries. The step will also strengthen the friendly and diplomatic relations between the countries and India. However, the discussions are in their nascent stages. The students are waiting for government sanctions as of now. The best Russia/ Ukraine consultants in Delhi will keep you posted on all the latest developments and news. 

While, such discussion is on, some other countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and Germany have turned out to be medical hotspots. The countries are closer home as well, while Germany has a good education system in place, with free education options at some places. The former countries may have lower fees, and a wide range of courses as well.  Italy is also one of the other options, with good scholarships. If you are an MBBS aspirant, you should be in touch with the study abroad consultants Guwahati. 

Connect with Admissify, who are the best UK education consultants in Delhi. They will keep you posted on all the matters related to this incident and help you to get a fresh start. You can connect them via email or WhatsApp as well. 

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