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Education in The United Kingdom; Myths and Facts of Studying abroad in the U.K

October 29, 2020
Education in The United Kingdom; Myths and Facts of Studying abroad in the U.K

The country of Queen, United Kingdom is one of the best-chosen destinations among the top best countries for studies abroad.

As per the Latest immigration statistics released by the UK Home Office, there is an increase of 43% of Indian students flying to the United Kingdom for the completion of their education. More than 35000 Indian students received a Student visa to study in the United Kingdom with the objective of attaining international experience in terms of education. The country of Queen, United Kingdom is one of the best-chosen destinations among the top best countries for studies abroad. Although, being the befitting destination for abroad education, it also carries some myths due to which, many talented and excellent students drop the idea of completing their further education abroad and regret later perhaps. Well, this article will solve all your myths and provide you the exact facts related to studying abroad in the United Kingdom. This article aims to highlights some of the most believed myths related to studying abroad and will deliver the appropriate facts which will be beneficial for all the overseas students who wish to fulfill their dream of studying in the United Kingdom.


Myth- Studying in the U.K could Cost a Fortune!

Fact- Believing the fact that the currency of the UK is much stronger than India, many consider that the cost of study in the United Kingdom will be too costly and unaffordable. The real fact is, if you plan correctly and intelligently, IT IS NOT EXPENSIVE. The cost of abroad education depends on the program, destination, location, and university chosen. All you need to do is better planning and research for getting affordable and available options for studying in the U.K. as it offers a host of short, diverse, and flexible courses, resulting in a much lower overall cost of living.

Myth- No Scholarship available

Fact-Being the most believed myth, many Indian students with great ability and excellent grades, drop the idea of studying in the UK due to the belief of no scholarship available for them. The good news is, many universities of the United Kingdom are providing countless scholarships to Indian and international students as per the ability- some to the tune of 100% tuition fee waiver and even ‘all-inclusive’ scholarships that reduce the financial outflow considerably.

Myth-No Job Guarantee

Fact- A large number of Indian and international students who plan to complete their study in the United Kingdom, receives great opportunity to work in the United Kingdom, targeting at the attainment of international work experience and greater salary package. Approximately 51% of Indians who graduate from the United Kingdom gain above average and 82% are happy with their jobs.

Myth- Getting a visa is very Difficult

Fact- The student visa for all the Indian and International has become easier now as the Boris Johnson Government has stated that to get a visa, every student must get just 70 points. Isn’t that amazing!

The government of the United Kingdom is introducing a new visa from October 5th for all Indian and international students who are planning to study in the United Kingdom and stay post-work. For detailed information, contact Admissify for detailed information related to student visa for study in The United Kingdom.

Myth- Difficult to communicate and Adjust

Fact- As mentioned earlier, the number of Indian and international students studying overseas is increasing every year. The ability is to communicate and adjust in such an environment acts as a great opportunity and not frustrating and complicating. It gives a great opportunity to increase your social circle and enhance and communication skills as well.


Myth- Foreign degree holds no Value

Fact- Great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Raghuram Rajan, Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani, Shashi Tharoor, Arnab Goswami, Dulquer Salmaan, Sundar Pichai & Indra Nooyi who completed their education in foreign universities are unbeatable in their respective fields when it comes to working for their nation. The Fact is, Indian firms give prodigious preference to foreign educational qualifications. Many students come back to their homeland after completing their education and start their own business as well and receive success too.

Tied up with more than 100 universities across the globe, Admissify aims that your stay in the United Kingdom is comfortable and memorable. Visit our office today and get all the necessary information related to study in The United Kingdom or visit www.admissify.com

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