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Differences between MS Finance & MS Financial Engineering

May 18, 2022
Differences between MS Finance & MS Financial Engineering

We often notice that MS in finance and MS in financial engineering are quite similar. But they are quite different from each other too. It is often noticed that students studying abroad often get confused between MS in finance and MS in financial engineering. Today we are going to focus on the differences between MS in finance and MS in financial engineering. Students can pursue any of these courses. Both MS in finance and MS in financial engineering provide excellency in the managerial study and improve the skills of the correction 

The difference in the area of focus

Students who are interested in qualitative and quantitative analytics then they should choose MS in financial engineering. There are a lot of financial industries that require individuals with good mathematical skills and knowledge of analytics. 

Individuals with good mathematical and analytical skills can solve any problem and overcome any challenges that take place in the financial markets. Financial engineering attracts equipment from carried out mathematics, laptop science, data, and financial idea to cope with present-day monetary troubles in addition to planning new and progressive monetary products.

Students who want to study the market in particular and how finance works in the market and its theories then they should go for MS in finance. You can also take the help of a certain study abroad consultant. There are many study abroad consultants in Delhi and also study abroad consultants, in Guwahati whose help you can take any time.


The difference in the background

While MS in Finance might require you to have a few sorts of finance-associated background.

MS Financial Engineering, in a whole lot of cases, is taught via way of means of the College of Engineering as a joint application with the College of Management. 

Do not forget to check which college is teaching the degree because the necessities will range significantly for each. The best overseas education consultants in Delhi for the UK can provide suitable information on these matters. 

The School of Engineering might commonly require a GRE score, while the School of Management might require a GMAT score. In each case, you may want to give the TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE exam.

The difference in the subjects and curriculum

As per the best study abroad consultants in Delhi, here are the subjects;-

The subjects that are included in MS in finance are:

  • Financial theory
  • Corporate finance
  • Financial markets
  • Financial ethics and regulation
  • Analytics of Finance
  • Corporate financial accounting

The subjects which are included for MS in Financial engineering are:

  • Financial Risk management 
  • R, in finance
  • Introduction to derivation securities
  • Financial economics
  • Machine learning in financial engineering
  • Quantitative methods in finance

Difference in STEM

MS in finance and MS in financial engineering are both considered STEM courses. For those who do not know what STEM stands for, it is an abbreviation of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The difference in job opportunities

After getting a diploma in Financial Engineering, you’re eligible for roles that contain each finance in addition to evaluation and gadget learning. Job roles that you may be employed in encompassing Financial Engineer, Derivatives Analyst, Credit Risk Manager, etc. You will get work experience with records and reviews to assist make conclusive selections associated with finance.


After getting a diploma in Finance, you’re eligible for roles that more often do not contain finance. Job roles that you may be employed for encompassing as Financial Advisor, Associate Finance Manager, Financial Admin, Financial Broker, etc. Your primary awareness might be withinside the location of finance.

If you are willing to know more about the differences and the opportunities provided by MS in finance and MS in financial engineering then visit the official website of Admissify and know more about the differences.

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