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Cost of studying in the United Arab Emirates

October 20, 2022
Cost of studying in the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), the nation where modernity and tradition collide, is a well-liked tourist destination and the location of some of the greatest academic institutions in the Gulf. The UAE is the ideal location for any study abroad student searching for a genuinely exceptional study experience, according to the best consultants in Delhi. The Ministry of Higher Education, which oversees the system of higher education and is in charge of both student admissions and the accreditation of degree programs, is in charge of both. In the top 500 of the 2023 QS, World University Rankings are three universities from the United Arab Emirates. Khalifa University, ranked 181st, is the institution with the highest standing.

Studying and living expenses in the UAE.

Studying and living expenses in the UAE

UAE Dirhams (AED) are used as the country’s exchange unit. The cost of your education will vary depending on where you choose to study because universities in the UAE can determine their tuition fees. The degree level and kind you select will also change tuition costs. According to study abroad consultants in Guwahati, you may anticipate paying an average of AED 48,000 for a master’s degree and up to AED 120,000 for some specialized graduate degrees. In place of months or years, courses are billed in semester credit hours. For additional information, speak with your university. You might be qualified for a scholarship to help with your tuition costs.

The cost of living must be considered for students who want to study in the UAE. Approximately AED 3,700 per month is what you should budget for a private rental apartment, plus approximately AED 440 per month for utilities. As per data collected by the best overseas education consultants in Delhi, living expenses will be more expensive in larger cities than in smaller ones if you decide to reside there. Since public transportation is not the most effective option if you reside outside of the cities, you may want to consider getting a car.

All international students must have current health insurance to study in the UAE. After your arrival and after you’ve had a medical exam, institutions frequently offer health insurance coverage.

Emirates student visa

For permission to study in the United Arab Emirates, foreign individuals who are not GCC citizens must apply for a visa. They may receive sponsorship from their school of enrollment. Students must go through a medical test and have their visas renewed annually. AED 3,000 is the maximum application fee for this visa.

Emirates student visa

Additionally, students must purchase health insurance before traveling to the UAE. Students 18 years of age and older are permitted to work part-time while enrolled in school in the United Arab Emirates as long as they submit a work permit application. For a visa, you will be required to provide some documents. They are as follows:

  • 4 copies of a passport and the passport
  • 12 passport pictures
  • upon arrival, a visa for admission into the UAE and three copies of your passport
  • Bank records show that there are enough funds
  • Rent agreement or other evidence of habitation
  • During the current academic year, a copy of the tuition fee receipt
  • a copy of the current academic year’s visa fees receipt

If your course is longer than a year, you will need to renew your student residence visa. You’ll have to pay additional visa fees if you want to renew your student visa.

Upon arriving in the nation, you must get a medical checkup, during which you will be tested for syphilis, leprosy, TB, hepatitis B and C, HIV, and hepatitis B and C. All of these diseases, except syphilis, will result in deportation if you test positive for them.

Institutional language requirements in the UAE

Numerous locations provide Arabic classes once you arrive if you’re attending an English-taught course but would like to acquire a second language. According to study abroad consultants, learning the local tongue may also make it easier for you to make friends and adapt to your new environment.

While most private colleges teach their programs in English, all three of the state universities demand you to be skilled in Arabic in addition to English. Before being admitted to a course, if you are not a natural speaker of either or both languages, you must submit the results of a competence test.

Learn more about the top study abroad programs in the UAE to support your dreams for higher education. To help students choose their further education options, Admissify, one of Delhi’s top study abroad consultants, has selected a few courses and appropriate scholarships.

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