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City Mouse, Country Mouse: Where To Study Abroad In France

January 6, 2022
Why study in France?

If you are a student of history and culture, then France is an excellent option for you. For years it is still the most popular country for international students.

If you are a student of history and culture, then France is an excellent option for you. For years it is still the most popular country for international students. Students from all over the world are attracted to diverse French provinces. Paris is a well-known City that houses excellent opportunities for students and entrepreneurs. Moreover, students are clamouring both to the metropolises and the mountainous towns. Many consider it as a crème de la crème experience for the students.


Why study in France?

France is an excellent option for students of various streams. Students can learn actively under the institutional coaching of the leading economic giant. It is a country of art and culture, literature and revolution, science and innovation. Students also travel to countries like Germany, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland from France. Another exciting factor is the learning of French. Students are required to learn French in all universities, but it is a language that quickly gets involved in people’s daily conversation. 

Some fascinating cities for students to study are Paris, Lyon, Nice, Toulouse, Grenoble, and Bordeaux. 

 Students can fall into the dilemma of choosing the right place to study in France. If you visit France, it will be clear whether you are a country mouse or a city mouse. 


It has a different reputation on the global front. The City has witnessed several revolutions and movements in the past. It comprises three universities such as University of Pierre et Marie Curie, Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole Normale Supérieure. It has opportunities for all kinds of students. Students have to cope with the city crowd and the sporadic rainfall. Just suitable for a city mouse. 


It is the hub for gastronomy students. The City has several world heritage sites. One can easily enjoy both mountains and beach life in this City. Students can enjoy the vivid City with landscape beauty. 


It is a perfect place for a country mouse. Nice comprises all the natural elements of beautiful countryside. It is surrounded by ancient architecture and cultural heritage that is impressive for new learners. Students can explore the historical places after their classes. However, sightseeing can become cost-effective. 


This City has faced a recent rise in the GDP, which has led to an increase in the population of job-seeking students and freshers. Students after their courses can quickly get jobs in this City. International students can easily get a teaching job in this City. It is filled with shopping hubs and local markets. This City offers a mediaeval setting, and it is situated near the quarter of flight and spacecraft. However, it can be risky for students to roam around the outskirts of this city alone in the dark.


This City is for students who are interested in IT and other sciences. This city is surrounded by mountains and heels, making it suitable for students and learners. It is an appropriate place for a country mouse. This City comprises students forming 33% of its population. Riding and hiking are everyday activities for students in this City.


This City has many universities that offer different programs and courses for international students. Students can experience the broad vineyard fields, cathedrals and gardens. It is a crowded city during the day, making it an ideal City for a city mouse. Students can also enjoy the natural greens and landscape.


Where to study abroad in France

 It can get a bit confusing for young students to decide where exactly to take admission among all the universities and colleges of France. New students are advised to take expert help and consultation before applying to these universities to select a probable cause or stream. For Indian students, many consultancies provide information and counselling programs for study abroad. Admissify is a Delhi based consultancy that provides equal information and counselling programs for ambitious students eager to study overseas.

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