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Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships (CWIT)

December 30, 2021

This scholarship benefits Indian students greatly. They can utilise this Charles Wallace India Trust scholarship to get trained and gain great experience in the UK from the beginning of their career till the middle stage of their career.

This scholarship benefits Indian students greatly. They can utilize this Charles Wallace India Trust scholarship to get trained and gain great experience in the UK from the beginning of their career till the middle stage of their career. The scholarships arrange the best for the candidates to achieve the best for their talent and other academic performances. The exposure to UK universities lets them remain in contact with the international scopes that can give them opportunities. The British council centres have been in partnership with the Charles Wallace India Trust for forty years. Hence, you can imagine how old this trust is. They also have their personal information for the candidates to find information.

The Charles Wallace India Trust (CWIT) programs are excellent and wide for any Indian candidate who is eligible for the scholarship.

Who was Charles Wallace?

The trust has been named after Charles Wallace, the renowned Shaw Wallace company owner. He left a good fortune for his family and generations after he died. However, the company Shaw Wallace is no more in contact with a Charles Wallace trust.


By the year 1981, the Indian government established this English charity together with the British government. The four trustees who run this trustee are Catherine Stephens OBE, Caroline Douglas, john falconer, Mallica Kumbera Landrus and Professor Willam Gould. They have a different website as well. The secretary of this trustee is Shreela Ghosh.

The British Council has always provided the administrative role for the Charles Wallace India Trust (CWIT).there are three thousand grants to date.

  • The school of performing art has been shifted to Berlin. Hence this scholarship does not cover the students applying for the mentioned subject.
  • The major sorted decision is to be taken during the application.
  • Such as visas will be arranged for the facilities, but the travel has to be given by the candidate.

The secure process;

The application involves various programs such as cyber security to keep online communication skills common.

The application of the research programs is restricted. Hence they are secured from cyber hacking or cyber and other misuses. Moreover, the Charles Wallace Trust has all the applicants’ information. Even the British Council join it.

There are two kinds of awardees for this scholarship. Some of them are;

  1. Long term awardees
  2. Short term awardees

Eligibility criteria

  • The student must be an Indian citizen
  • The student’s age must be between 26 and 28
  • The qualifications report their previous must be available.
  • The candidate must not be measured within five years.

Art and heritage of any programs required by Charles Wallace India Trust (CWIT) cover the following Arts and Heritage Conservation fields of study:


  • Visual Arts
  • Performances of the various creative art form
  • A film that includes Script and Direction
  • Photography
  • Design
  • Curating
  • Art History

Heritage Conservation

This conversation allows providing as,

  • Conservation architecture
  • heritage projects management or sites
  • Conservation of timber, stone, metal, photographs, paintings and film.
  • Landscape Conserver
  • Management of collections and museums
  • Engineering is about the protection of structures and heritage buildings.

Requirement of the applications

  1. Registration for the IELTS certificate along with the score of the competitive exam.
  2. The courses, programs, and internships attached must be there while submitting the file.
  3. The candidates must carefully upload documents via links and relevant boxes on the website.

The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR happened in May 2018. This requires every organisation to mention its policies to protect its data. The Charles Wallace India Trust (CWIT) asks for the personal data of their applicants to seek grants for them. The credentials include their addresses, name, telephone and next of kin.

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