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November 26, 2018

To cater to the surge of applications, and to filter out the best applicants, the Canadian Government has launched a new scheme aimed to the Indian students by the nomenclature Study Direct Stream (SDS).

The SDS program directly caters to the visa process dedicated for the students willing to obtain a student visa in Canada and henceforth study in any one of the Canadian institutions. The difference between the Study Direct Stream and the pre-existing Student Partner’s Program is a plenty. The Study Direct Program is directly supported by the Scotiabank, which is one of the leading banks in the Canadian soil. This bank will henceforth support and develop the Student Partner’s Program aimed directly at the Indian students. The bank will be providing Canada study visa to the eligible students hailing from India with the chance to purchase a Guaranteed Investment Certificate to satisfy the financial based statements needed for the SDS program for application to the Canadian Student visa services.


SDS Program Needs aimed at Indian students

There are a host of criteria to be deemed eligible to study in Canada an obtain Canada study visa via SDS after immigration from India. These criteria are a diverse set which are typically different from the ones which are enlisted under the SPP. These criteria are as follows:

  • The admission for a full-time scheduled program is a completely publicly funded institution for post-secondary curriculum catering to the international students. These institutions comprise of colleges, CEGEP, colleges or institutes.
  • IELTS examination score obtained with a minimum band demarcating 6 for English proficiency aimed at reading, writing, listening and speaking. This has to be undertaken in the time frame of the past two years, which is an increment from a lower band of 5.5 required in SPP.
  • A mandatory purchase of a Guaranteed Investment Certificate hailed from the Scotiabank, amounting to $10000 to account for the lifestyle expenses made in the initial year of stay on Canadian soils as an international student.
  • A well-documented proof of tuition fee applicable for one year, which was deemed six months under the pre-existing SPP scheme.
  • A dedicated medical exam applicable before a week of submission of application valid for the Student visa under the new rules documented by the Canadian High Commission.

Major host of advantages of Canadian student visa via Study Direct Stream (SDS) scheme

There are a myriad of advantage which are applicable for students who are seeking Canada study visa under the Study Direct Stream, which is incremented in comparison to the other pre-existing ones. These advantages are hence follows:

  • Completely organised and categorical system of visa processing applicable for all eligible candidates via SDS demarcated institutions.
  • Much less hassles with the documentation related to financial domain under the SDS scheme, which is a marked reduction from the other schemes prevalent.
  • Much faster processing of the visa under the SDS program as compared to the slower SPP program.

The guiding reasons to enroll for Student visa and study in Canada

Indian students have always treated the Canadian soils to be the best place for studying and henceforth jump-starting their careers. The chief reasons for this mental framework is all due to the fact that Canada in a mighty land of opportunities and exposures. The most significant reasons are henceforth enlisted.

  • Much easier permanent residency options an opportunities are prevalent in Indian students in comparison to the other countries across the globe.
  • Premier institutions offering diverse range of curriculum at par with the highest international standards.
  • Quite low fees for tuition and lowered living expenses in comparison to the other countries with premier nature of infrastructure.
  • A completely safe and culturally and sociologically healthy environment applicable for the Indian student to be nourished and henceforth study.

Therefore all these factors make the Canadian soils a very prospective ground for accentuating the careers of Indian students and enhancing their global appeal in terms of lucrative jobs and future prospects via the Canada study visa.

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