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British Study Abroad Education System

September 27, 2019

United Kingdom is the second most famous study abroad destination after U.S.A among international students who wish to study abroad. From its multicultural society till its important role in the monarchy, from higher-quality education to the best teaching faculty, U.K is the best-chosen destination among foreigners for either a family vacation or higher education in the U.K. All those who are travelling to U.K or planning to study in U.K, this article will be a great help as the main purpose of this article is to guide you about the British Study Abroad Education System.

About UK

Before planning to study in U.K one should have basic information about the country. It is important to know that the UK is situated in north-western Europe and has an area of 242,900. The capital of the United Kingdom is London. Major cities include- Manchester, Sheffield, Cardiff, London, Edinburg, Glasgow, Edinburg, Birmingham and New Castle. The travel distance between India and U.K is 9 hours by flight. The sterling pound is the currency of Britain.


Programs in U.K

Following are the list of degrees and programs provided by every university of U.K which can be very informative for international students who wishes to study in U.K for higher education.

  1. Bachelor’s degree– The duration of the Bachelor’s degree in U.K is 3-5 years which will enable a student to specialize in a respective subject and also give the eligibility to apply for post-graduation in U.K.
  2. Master’s Degree– Students can either directly apply for a masters program or can apply after completing their graduation. The duration of the Masters Program is 1-2 years depending on the course which you choose.
  3. Doctoral Program- Any student who wishes to continue their research under a particular subject can apply for the doctoral program. The duration of a Doctoral Program is 2-4 years. A master’s degree is usually a prerequisite for a doctorate program.
  4. Foundation Program-This program in particular trains a student for their admission in the university. The duration of this program is 1-2 years. This course is majorly chosen by those students who want to apply for arts or engineering degree but does not belong from the same stream.

 Diploma Programs in U.K

  1. Vocational Education and Training (VET) – Short course which only focuses on a particular subject. It even includes work experience.
  2. Higher National Diploma (HND) – Diploma of 1-2 years with a practical and professional approach in a specific field. After finishing the program, students can be transferred to a bachelor’s degree program straight away.


Students who are planning to study in U.K must be aware of the fact that the admission in the U.K begins in the month of September and January. Though some universities may accept late admission, it is advised to every student to apply as soon as possible so that they do not have to face any hurdle in their admission. Please note that Students registering for a degree program in Oxford, Cambridge, or medicine should apply before 15th October, the year before admission.

In the procedure of admission in U.K, not only academic performance but one’s SOP, LOR, Universities essays, C.V and English Proficiency marks also plays a very important role.

Students may also require taking a standardized test for some topics. Students who are applying in the U.K for medicine must register on the BMAT or UKCAT depending on the universities. Study Experience provides alternatives for those exams that are better prepared.

Tuition fee

Although every university in the U.K has its respective tuition fee as per the courses, I am listing down the general tuition fee cost as per the degree.

  1. Undergraduate program– The tuition fee can be between £5,000-£10,000 per year
  2. Masters Program-The tuition fee can be between £5,000-£20,000 per year
  3. Vocational Training Program– Much cheaper than any other program, costing £3,000 per year.


The Universities of United Kingdom also grants some of the globally recognized Scholarships to those students who aspire to go and study in the U.K. There is the number of UK Scholarships that Indian students can avail, considerably to lighten their financial burden.

  • Title Based Scholarship
  • Merit-Based Scholarship
  • Need-Based Scholarship
  • Demographic Based Scholarship
  • Course-Based Scholarship

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