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Best Law Courses In Australia For Indian Students

December 24, 2022
Best Law Courses In Australia For Indian Students

If you want to become a lawyer, barrister, or advocate, you need to complete courses in law. There are bachelor’s level courses, master’s, and doctorates as well. But most students, are confused as to where they should pursue the courses. To make matters easy for you, the study abroad consultant will suggest Australia as one of the top countries to pursue your law education dreams. Studying abroad in Australia has lots of perks. The country is very hospitable and has lots of work opportunities for international students. 

Australia is renowned the world over for its high standard of education. Moreover, law is one of the most highly demanded degrees. International students from across the globe look for degrees in law abroad. The Australian legal system, mainly bears resemblance to the UK legal system. Moreover, you will come across a range of courses like LLB, LLM, and JD programs. You can practice law anywhere across the globe after completing any of the above courses. More than 30% of the students pursuing law in Australia are from India. 

Courses in Law and Their Details 

When you decide to study abroad in Australia, you will be opening a great career avenue for yourself. Most of the courses mentioned above will cover the following subjects:

  • Civil Procedures
  • Company Laws
  • Constitutional Laws
  • International Laws
  • Comparative Trade Laws
  • Criminal Law and Procedures
  • Professional Conducts

You will get more detailed information on the course modules and subjects from the study abroad consultants in Delhi. Now, that you know what to expect from the law courses in Australia, you must also know which are the best universities from where you can pursue the programs. 

  • Australian National University
  • Melbourne University
  • University of Sydney
  • University of Queensland

These are the top universities, offering law programs, according to the best study abroad consultants in Delhi. Now, you also need to know and understand, that law is a very vast subject. There are various branches that cover the companies, environment, personal relations, human justice, criminal acts, and civil acts. Most students head to Australia, to pursue the undergraduate courses. At undergraduate level, you can study for the LLB degree. But the best overseas education consultants in Delhi feel that, you can also pursue a master’s in law, abroad. The level is better known as LLM. Additionally, you will also come across vocational degrees, diplomas, certifications, and so on. 

Australian National University offers courses like Bachelor of Laws, Juris Doctor, Graduate Certificate of Law, Master of Laws, and Master of International Law and Diplomacy, to name a few. 

The University of Melbourne also happens to be one of the oldest law schools in Australia. The academic programs include Melbourne Juris Doctor, the Law Masters and Graduate Research Degrees. The best UK education consultants in Delhi will be able to tell you about all the entry requirements, criteria, and application processes for the above courses. 

Sydney Law School is also quite popular and also has exchange programs and off-shore study options. So, you will get enormous opportunities abroad to expand your horizons. 

Benefits of Studying Law in Australia 

Benefits of Studying Law in Australia

The best overseas education consultant in Delhi for Australia, can give you many reasons why you should pursue law courses in the country. The campus culture is vibrant, to say the least. Additionally, you will get a lot of support from the universities there. There are Individual Law Societies in every law school there. You will get additional information and support regarding your legal career. Furthermore, the society organises many contests, competitions, and social events, that will help you to broaden your horizons. 

The Australian Law Students’ Association is also helpful and supportive toward international students. Get in touch with the best Australia consultants in Delhi to know about memberships, as they already have many students who are studying law there.

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You can get in touch with the study abroad consultants Guwahati to find out more about the law courses, scholarships available and fees. Admissify is one of the most renowned overseas educational counsellors, whom you can connect with. The consultants will also help you to find out the tests that you need to appear for, while enrolling for the programs. They will also help you with immigration later. So, get in touch with them today. 

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