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 Best Countries To Study Abroad And Work In 2022

August 24, 2022
 Best Countries To Study Abroad And Work In 2022

Almost all students who study abroad have plans to settle down there for work. And, why not? A global lifestyle is enticing for many. There are over 180 countries which attract students from all over the world. What you may find great may not appeal to another, so your counterpart may like one university against your favourite. Studying abroad is now within everybody’s reach. So, you can also take a pick from amongst the best countries, where you can complete your higher education and also take up work. Immigration policies also change from time to time, so one excels over the other with the changing times. 


Countries To Study and Work In 2022

  • France – Is one of the countries on top in 2022. The study abroad consultant will also tell you the same thing. It is one of the top destinations for study as well as work opportunities. It has over 100 years of tradition of high-quality education. Apart from academics, students get to immerse themselves in rich traditions. You can secure the best jobs in France, in industries such as fashion, and IT. Teaching, education, and medical sciences. 
  • Singapore – Is another top-ranking place which has a booming economy and friendly culture. You will come across several educational institutions, that offer the best international education at low rates. You can consult the study abroad consultants in Delhi to find out more about the work opportunities there as well. The IT and Mobile, phone technology sectors are the major employers. 
  • Italy – It is amongst the top countries for education and employment in 2022. Moreover, the best study abroad consultants in Delhi also corroborates the same facts. Located in the south of Europe, the place enjoys a great climate. There are 34 ranked international universities in Italy. You can also work part-time in Italy and later stay there to look for jobs for at least a year. 
  • The Netherlands – Also called Holland, it is one of the most popular destinations for international students. The subjects like business, management, engineering, and technology get a lot of prominence there. It is also one of the richest places in Europe. The average job index there is 74.63. So, you can surely get to work their post-study in 2022. You can get assistance from the best overseas education consultants in Delhi. 
  • Germany – has also made it to this list. The universities and colleges have many scholarships for international students, as well. So, that makes it all the more lucrative. The country also does not charge any tuition fee to international students. International students can work alongside studying in Germany. Work opportunities are also there, after graduation or post-graduation. The norms change from time to time, and you can get guidance on this from the best overseas education consultant in Delhi for Germany.
  • Ireland – Also called the Silicon Valley of Europe, it is rising to the top faster. The place is driven by innovation and progress in all spheres. Five of the universities rank amongst the top 500 across the world. You will find the fees to be cheaper, compared to the other locations. If you go by figures, more than 3 lac non-Irish students got employment in Ireland in 2019, as stated by the best Ireland consultants in Delhi. 
  • New Zealand – is another country worth mentioning. It is a small island in the Pacific, but full of opportunities for international students. The economy is thriving today. According to the best UK education consultants in Delhi, there are plenty of jobs in IT and engineering for the right people. 
  • Australia – It is another small island, with a thriving economy, according to the study abroad consultants Guwahati. You can study at any of the top eight universities, counted as a part of the top 100 globally. There is more to the place, than just Koalas and Kangaroos. The country focuses more on research-based work. The most popular jobs for international students are hospitality and retail. 
  • Canada – It is one of the most lenient and international student and immigrant-friendly countries. The country is bilingual and that acts as a boon for students. The quality of education is high, as compared to the low fees. Teaching and tutoring jobs are available aplenty for international students. 
  • Switzerland – You will be amazed to know, that this country ranks at No.2 in Europe as a study abroad destination. Some of the factors that make it evident are career achievement, personal development, and access to higher-quality teaching.  Management students get lots of options there. 
  • Luxembourg – It is another great place, for international students, due to its fantastic courses, and low fees. Student hostel rates are also cheap. Finance, banking and steel are the best industries.

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