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Australian Visa Procedure And Updates For International Students

October 29, 2021
Australian Visa Procedure And Updates For International Students

Australia is the land of opportunities. Thus, many international students are heading there to pursue their higher studies today. Studying in Australia is not just a fascination, but a huge opportunity. You can get in touch with the Best Overseas Education Consultant in Delhi and find out more about the visa processes and recent updates for international students.

The Australian Government is very welcoming. Moreover, it facilitates the best learning in a great environment. However, you need a student visa for that. There are many factors that affect this visa process. They include age, the type of course you are pursuing, and tenure of stay. A sub-class 500 visa is what you need to study abroad in Australia. You can also avail yourself of an abroad study scholarship, to study in Australia.


Obtaining A Australian Students Visa 

You can obtain a student’s visa, if you meet certain requirements. They include a GTE or General Temporary Entrant, sufficient financial strength, English proficiency, and Health requirements. You might also need a character certificate from your high school or college. The Best overseas education consultants in delhi for uk will be able to guide you on the right track today.

Before you get the GTE, the Australian Home Affairs will consider a few things. Your intention to study and comply is something important. Which subject you are going to study is also considered. Apart from that, the GTE is also issued to an accompanying family member of the student. Your immigration history also holds a lot of importance. Additionally, the circumstances in your home country, also holds importance. You can get the best uk education consultants in delhi to advise you on the prerequisites.

You will also get assistance to fill up the visa application form. All international students have to apply for the same Student Visa. It is the Subclass 500. Before, you apply for one, you need to get a confirmation letter of your admission to the prestigious courses at any renowned university. The institution must be a part of the Commonwealth Register of Institutions of Courses. You have the option to switch to a lower-level course. However, you have to get a visa again for that. For higher courses, the same visa may work. There is a possibility of clubbing two or three courses in the same category.

Student’s Visa: Subclass 500 

In your pursuits, you will get advice from the best uk consultants in delhi. While you are entering all your details online, the following will be required.

  • You may have to deposit your tuition fee in advance. Additionally, you have to submit financial proof, to support whether you can bear all your living, and accommodation expenses there. You also have to furnish details for your dependents.
  • English proficiency test is also important. If you have not completed at least 5 years of study from any English-speaking nation, then you need to sit for one of the tests. They include the IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL. You can also go for CAE, or Cambridge Advanced English.
  • There are health requirements that you need to fulfil as well. Students might be required to undergo health check ups and radiological checks.
  • If you are not from Belgium or Norway, you need to obtain a health policy as well. It is called Overseas Students Health Cover. You can also obtain it from the university or from any of the Health Insurance service providers in the Australia.

There are a number of arrangements that you need to complete, before heading to your dream destination to study. Requirements are mostly common like filling out an application form, having a valid passport, getting visa, supporting financial documents, passing in proficiency tests, and a criminal record check. Some universities may ask for additional documents as well.

It is not possible for students and their parents to know about all this. So, you must get in touch with good study abroad consultants in delhi. They are in this field for a long time, and know everything.

A Study Abroad Consultant will be able to give you ample support in your pursuit. With an Australian visa, you can enter at least 90 days prior to your course start date.

Contact Admissify, the study abroad consultants Guwahati. They will give you the right information and knowledge. You can connect with the best study abroad consultants in delhi to find out more. Contact them at info@admissify.com


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