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An 18-Year-Old Gets Offers For Admission To 27 Ivy League Colleges

May 23, 2022
An 18-Year-Old Gets Offers For Admission To 27 Ivy League Colleges

One student from Rutherford Senior High has managed to secure admission offers to some of the top colleges in the UK. So, people might have just got their genius this century. The youngster has received offers from Harvard, Yale, the University of Pennsylvania, and Duke University, to name a few.  The IB senior, Jonathan Walker has kept them all waiting until now. And why not? When one has the best offers from some of the most lucrative universities, it surely takes time to decide. And, that is what Jonathan is doing right now. 

It is surprising for Jonathan as well. He says that he applied and got admission offers from the best universities and colleges in the US. It is a huge surprise for him, as it is for the rest of the world. 


More On Jonathan’s Academic Life

Jonathan has earned many credits through the International Baccalaureate Program, and has already managed to complete college-level studies pertaining to junior and senior educational years. The IB tends to cover it all. If that is not all, he is also known as a pro in football and represents his college team. He has also come up with a device for the deaf and blind. 

Now, there is more. Jonathan has $4 million in scholarship offers from 27 universities and colleges. Furthermore, he has two patents pending. The gifted teenager from Florida has mentioned that his personal essays helped him to get admission to all these prestigious places. Students who are looking to get over their nightmarish experience of getting admission to the top colleges should take note of a few things here. Walker seemed to crack the code, with his essays concentrating on the best in each college. He penned down his unadulterated thoughts about the same and got noticed. 


A True Inspiration Today

Jonathan Walker plans to pursue a double major in the subjects electrical engineering and biomedical engineering. He wants to develop more devices for the downtrodden and disabled communities. Staff members at his school have all the nice things to say about him. They are of the opinion, that he is pretty much hard-working. Apart from that, he is adept at handling books as well as opponents off the football field. Moreover, he has a motivating family behind him, which makes a lot of difference. 

It is important for parents to know that proper interest and intervention in a child’s life can bring about big changes. And that is typically what happened here. Jonathan’s interest in engineering can be attributed to the push by his parents. The chemistry set gifted by his parents probably made him curious in the sciences. That turned into his love for engineering. This will to help other people, evolved from the chemistry gift set. Since then, Jonathan became interested in engineering technology. Going back to the device that he is building for the deaf and blind; it may be one of the most phenomenal technologies of all time. 

He is working on two such devices right now. One is for the disabled and the other is for prescription medicine reminders. He is telling all his juniors and other students to work hard and also spend time in discovery. It can help one unearth a whole new set of possibilities. He is of the opinion that nurturing one’s talents from within the family is an important step to bring out the best. And, that is what he has been extremely lucky to have. Be like Jonathan Walker, as he is surely an inspiration for more students of his community. He might just be hailed as a Modern Einstein in the making. Make your best application with Admisify and be like Tanisha , one of our students who got a 100 percent scholarship . Apply with Admisify to dream big and to fulfill them . 

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