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A.S Hornby Educational Trust Scholarship

December 24, 2021

A.S Hornby Educational Trust Scholarship

This scholarship was first initiated in the year 1961. A.S. Hornby Educational Trust Scholarship is awarded to teachers, inspectors, teacher-trainers, and writers outside the UK. this scholarship is awarded to professionals only. The awardees can apply to the University of Warwick under a master’s program for a year. TESOL is an abbreviation for teaching English to speakers of another language. It is a one-year master’s training given to professionals.

A.S. Hornby provides some of the following benefits;

  • The applicants have sponsored the tuition fees, accommodation, return tickets, visa and language tests.
  • The IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE score is essential for the selection process.
  • The financial aid is provided to the applicant till the course duration. Additional semesters are not included.

The applicants have to have graduate degrees and experience as teachers. The establishment has provided more than five hundred scholarships since its inauguration. It is one of the best options for English language teachers.


Eligibility criteria

It is a merit-based scholarship under a specific college. The British Council is responsible for the distribution of this scholarship. The last date of the applications is generally around November. Students from all over the world can apply for this one-time payment scholarship. You can log into the website link for applying.

Before applying, the candidate must have the following criteria covered;

  1. The candidate must have a full-time degree of three years and English language-speaking experience.
  2. The undergraduate degree of the candidate must be equivalent to the same in the UK
  3. The candidate must have work experience of five years in English language teaching
  4. The candidate must be involved in development work in a manager or trainer role.
  5. The candidate must apply from the same country they are applying from.
  6. The student’s academic record contains a 6.5 GPA for the English language examination.
  7. The TOEFL, IELTS or PTE exam scores are essential for the evaluation of the scholarship.

The application process

The application process involves evaluating the candidate’s academic skills and professional records. The selection process may take some time before it is informed;

Firstly the candidate must provide the following personal details and their names and addresses.

  • Email address for communication with the authorities.
  • The date of birth for proofs
  • The candidates’ gender identity
  • Nationality for identification
  • The candidates’ residential address
  • The contact information of the candidate
  • the academic details are necessary, along with the institution names
  • The details of undergraduate and post-graduation are required
  • All the certificates and mark sheets are required.
  • Candidates are also required to provide awards.

The candidates have to fill out the forms based on the following guidelines.

  • They have to mention the details of their professional record, The name of the institution, the position of the applicant, the category of work, resignation details and reference letters.

It is required for the candidate to provide a justification statement for the scholarship. In this write, the candidate has to describe the reason for the candidate to explain their reasoning to apply for the Hornby masters scholarship. The write-up has to be around one thousand five hundred words.

There are several questions the applicant has to respond to;

  • Whether they are trainees or teachers?
  • Description of the current duties of teaching and training
  • Reply with the required reason for applying to Warwick University for this master’s program
  • What are the skills the trainee can induce into the future course
  • Description of how they can spread their knowledge and learn in English language teaching.
  • How would the scholarship help the candidate?
  • The candidate will share English learning skills after returning to the home country.

All total, there are four steps in the selection process for the A.S. Hornby scholarship.

  • The application form is filled out online by the candidate.
  • After stage one, the applicants are called for an interview at their nearby British Council centre.
  • The candidates have to make applications to the university after being selected.

Then the university accepts the application and rewards the candidates with an arrangement for the candidate to arrive on the UK campus. The AS Hornby Educational Trust Scholarship avails all sorts of accommodation fees for the candidate. You may log in to Admissify to stay up to date to know more about scholarship programs.

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