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A Guide For International Students For Higher Studies In Netherlands

October 29, 2021
A Guide For International Students For Higher Studies In Netherlands

The Best Overseas Education Consultant in Delhi will be able to guide you on how to get admission to universities in the Netherlands. There are various universities there. However, any foreign national will be at a loss, if asked to fend alone. It is impossible to keep track of the application processes, and paperwork that is involved. You need to connect with a Study in Netherlands consultant to get correct information.

You have to choose from over 2,000 programs offered by more than 20 universities and institutions. The Netherlands is in Northwest Europe. Most people look at it as the land of flowers and windmills. You will be amazed by the innovative educational methods of the country. You can encounter great architecture, shopping streets, and more in there. Many students go there on abroad study scholarship as well.


The Education System In Netherlands 

Most of the people can speak English there. So, if you have passed the English proficiency test, you can get admission to any of the prestigious universities and institutions. The educational system revolves around team work. You will come across a teaching style that is best-described as interactive and student-centric. Since the year 1950, International students are leaving for the country. The country made many provisions for English-speaking students there. The Dutch system of education is considered to be of high-quality.

You will find large research-based communities in the Netherlands. The research foundation is extremely strong there. The universities are of various sizes. Most Bachelor’s programs are of 3 years duration and the Ph.D. program is of 4 years. If you consult with the Best overseas education consultants in Delhi for UK, you will come to know of one category called International Education. The universities are conducting the programs for over 50 years. These have gained a lot of prominence outside Netherlands as well. Most Masters level candidates are eligible to join these programs. Some years of professional experience makes it easy as well. The Netherlands’s education system has won praise and accolades for providing Problem-based education or PBL.

Getting A Dutch Student’s Visa

The best UK education consultants in Delhi will be able to throw light on this aspect. Citizens of the European Union do not need student’s visas. If you plan to stay long term, you might need to register your name with the municipality. Most Indians and other international students need to get a Residence Permit to study in the Netherlands. It is required, if you plan to stay there for three months or more. You need to apply for the permit within five days of arrival in the Netherlands. Non -EU international students staying for a shorter term, need a visa. If you are staying for more than three months, you need a long-term visa. It is equivalent to a provisional residence permit. There are few documents that you need to carry or email. The best UK consultants in Delhi will tell you about that. You ought to have a few documents ready like passport, proof of financial stability, educational documents, and you have to pay the required fees. The application process tales about six months. It is very important to start the application process early.


Work-Study Options

There are various work-study options in the Netherlands. A study abroad consultants in Delhi will be able to give you the right information. You can work for at least 16 hours with a work permit from your employer, while studying. An employer will have to apply for the permit on your behalf. No-EU foreign students can undertake work from June-August. You can get all this information from a Study Abroad Consultant. They are the best ones to guide you.

You can also get in touch with Admissify to gain more information on this. They are the best study abroad consultants Guwahati. You will get the best guidance in terms of information, resources, and know-how. So, without any delay, call the best study abroad consultants in Delhi. 

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