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May 10, 2018

Germany is one of the most popular destinations for international students. The land of bratwurst and beer, Oktoberfest and automotive innovation houses a strong international community of students studying in its various universities. A strong testimony to this is that Germany is home to third highest population of international students after the US and the UK.

The German education system, being regarded one of the best in the world, plays a key role in that. And they are also helped to a great extent by many German universities, ranked among the Top 100 in the world.So what is it that makes Germany so special? What does it offer students that many countries cannot? We take a deeper look to why you should make Germany your next study destination.

  1. AN INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED DEGREE WITH NO TUITION FEES: It might sound outlandish or you may give me a look of utter disbelief, but yes its true. Higher education in Germany is funded by the state and as such it is free of charge for domestic and international students alike. There are more than 400 institutions in Germany, out of which a paltry 5% of the student body are hosted by private institutions. Rest all are public. And if you still harbor some doubts about the German Education system. Let me put them to rest. The country is represented at the Top 200 QS World University Rankings by 11 universities. Not only that, the universities function under the guidelines of the Bologna reform, which ensures that all the students get a unified and an internationally recognized degree.
  1. DUAL EDUCATION SYSTEM: A very special feature of studying in Germany is its dual education system. The system combines the very best of theoretical training along with hands on practical experience. Students opting for dual education are trained in a company for 3-5 days a week according to specified standards. The practical experience is ably supported with practical lessons at workshop and theory. At the end of the course students not only have a degree but an experience certificate as well.
  1. COURSES AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH: Studying in Germany not only comes for free, but you can also do it in English if your German language skills aren’t up to the mark.  With the rise in the number of international students, more courses are being made available in English by the German universities. From engineering to finance, from literature to botany, the list is endless. Not only that, partial English and German courses are also available for students who wish to study in both languages. Isn’t it cool?
  1. ALMOST EVERY FIELD OF STUDY IS OFFERED IN GERMANY: Germany has the second number of Nobel Laureates after USA. It is one of the most innovative countries in the world. And we believe its education plays a huge role in that. Believe it or not Germany offers more than 16000 courses of study! They are spread across various bachelors, masters, doctoral and post-doctoral programmes. The huge variety of courses is reason enough for you to select Germany for your studies. 
  1. SCHOLARSHIPS: International students with excellent academic credentials will find no dearth of scholarships to finance their studies in Germany. The DAAD or German Academic Exchange Service is among the biggest scholarship organisations in the world. Students can easily find a scholarship that can take care of their specific needs with the help of this organisation.
  1. STAYING IN GERMANY AFTER YOUR STUDIES: Germany offers excellent job opportunities in almost every field of study. During the course work you get to do different internships, which in turn help you land a lucrative job in Germany in future. The law allows international students to stay for an additional 18 months to seek work after graduation.
  1. ACCOMMODATION ARRANGEMENTS: In Germany, you won’t have to break your bank to get quality accommodation. Accommodation charges are on the lower side and are very much reasonable. Don’t believe me? lets do a comparison. In the US, a private one-bedroom apartment costs at around $1212.12 per month. Outside the city center, the same sized apartment costs $907.38.  In the UK its £741.77 in the city center or £609.49 in the periphery. Canada also has high accommodation rent ranging from $903.28 – $1150 per month. In Australia, the accommodation rent skyrockets even further at an eye watering $1795.53. However in Germany, you get a decent residential room, along with space for bed, study table, bathroom, balcony and a nice kitchen for 200 per month. Yes you heard me right, its 200 per month. Even Berlin, which happens to be Germany’s most happening cities has low accommodation prices viz 400. However the prices may rise if you want an apartment in a city center.
  1. SOCIAL LIFE: German people have a great social life and are very welcoming towards international students. And if you are one of those who love beer, then we might have some good news for you. In Germany, drinking is cheaper, especially beer. Not only that, the legal age for drinking is 18 years, as opposed to 21 in the US.
  1. IMMENSE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: Germany has abundant employment opportunities for post graduates, especially if immersed in a more precise field. Not only that, the country at 6.9%, boasts of one of the lowest unemployment rates in the entire EU. Also it has been found that only 10% of the graduates work in a field unrelated to the one they studied. A lot has to do with the German dual education system, which two-thirds of all German students attend. Graduates undergo theoretical training and a lot of work in practice in companies and positions that match with their field of study, wherein students get to familiarize hands-on with the theory knowledge they attain during classes.

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