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5 things to know about UC Berkeley admissions

July 7, 2022
5 things to know about UC Berkeley admissions

One of the most reputed institutes in America for studying abroad is UC Berkeley. It is famous worldwide for the dynamic culture among the students. The vast campus area stretches for 1,232 acres and thus presents a fabulous place for energetic students. Moreover, the costs of the courses are not very high, making the university a top choice for hundreds of aspirants.

The website gives you a thorough idea of the academic curriculum, courses, faculty, ambiance, and other university activities. Additionally, check out the rules for joining this place from a study abroad consultant. Five notable things are there to consider before you apply for UC Berkeley admissions. Invite excellent opportunities by grabbing a seat at this prestigious institution today.

Guide On Top Five Things

This article will guide you in planning a favorable student life at UC Berkeley. However, to make the admission process free from any tension, you should approach the best study abroad consultants in Delhi. Every university abroad has some specific criteria for international students. Therefore, you cannot ignore these conditions while choosing your dream university in the preferred country.

Read and understand the tips below for easy and smooth admission to the university.

  1. Grades Required to Join UC Barkeleys

A student must think about the requisite scores before applying for any institute abroad. UC Berkeley also has some criteria that make you eligible for the seat. You can have a detailed conversation with the executives of the best overseas education consultants in Delhi to clear doubts in this matter.

This university is very selective in its admission process. Applicants must qualify for the Test Requirements and the GPA Requirements applying. The average score for GPA must be 3.89 out of 4.0. On the other hand, showing the scores of American College Testing or ACT and/or the Scholastic Assessment Test or SAT is mandatory. Your application will become stronger if you join some specialized classes.

  1. Acceptance Rate

Knowing about the Acceptance Rate of UC Berkeley for any applicant is crucial. Although the application rate underwent a rise for the 2021-22 academic year, the overall acceptance rate is always strict. During Fall 2021, admissions were only 15 out of 100 students. Thus, we have to admit the stringent nature of the admission procedure. Moreover, the statistics show that only 18% is the general rate of acceptance to the university. There is a high chance of remaining on the waitlist for a long time after applying online.

  • ACT Scores

As stated earlier, ACT scores are one of the compulsions for joining UC Berkeley. The average score is 31 and is measured on the basis of percentiles. The current scorecard is available from the best US consultants in Delhi. The score for the 75 percentile is 34, while 28 is the score for the 25th percentile. There are numerous chances to improve your performance. Furthermore, you may send only the highest scores as you appear for more than one test.

  1. Analysis of SAT Scores

Apart from the ACT, another requirement to join UC Berkeley is SAT scores. It is evident that the comp6etition will be very high in this regard. You can,

however, clear the first round by scoring 1415 or more. However, changes will be more if you manage to secure more than 1530 out of the total marks of 1600. You can sit for SAT any number of times and then send the scores of all of them. The admissible score chart will be readily available from the best US consultants in Delhi.

  1. Requirement To Learn Language

Admissions will be manageable only when you show your proficiency in the English language. You can prove these skills by submitting the scores of different English proficiency tests like TOEFL, DET, IELTS, and others.

Financial documents are the most significant proof of your creditworthiness for funding education in the new country. Moreover, you can also apply for the abroad study scholarship in case of insufficient funds.


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