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5 Questions to Ask A Study abroad Consultant Before You Hire Them

March 2, 2023
5 Questions to Ask A Study abroad Consultant Before You Hire Them

We’re sure you properly scrutinize anything you buy in the market. You must ensure that whatever you purchase is of the highest quality. The same is true when contacting study abroad consultants in Delhi. The appropriate consulting firms can completely transform your education abroad. Their advice is invaluable, and they will assist you with every step of the admissions process. You should not try to suppress your curiosity when hiring them. However, you must be at a loss for what to ask them because you are inundated with inquiries. Don’t worry; this post will assist you in locating the best study abroad consultants for your future.


Questions To Ask While Looking For an Effective Study abroad Consultant

We’ve compiled a list of five critical questions to consider. Receiving answers to these questions will put your mind at ease about hiring the best study abroad consultants:

  1. Are They Affiliated With Any Colleges Or Universities?

This is the first and most important question to ask your study abroad consultant. It is crucial because it allows you to investigate your alternatives for studying abroad. Furthermore, the number of university linkages indicates that the consultant organization is skilled at what it does. It also ensures that the organization has a global reputation for study abroad consulting services. The greater the number of well-known universities, the better your chances of studying abroad. It ensures that they can handle university applications to top-tier universities. Believe us when we say missing out on a top college application due to a lack of information could be costly. As a result, ensure your consultant has solid working relationships with them.

  1. What Programs And Nations Are Relevant Based On Your Profile?

This is also another critical inquiry to ensure that their information is current. New courses and curricula are added daily. Nanotechnology, public administration, and renewable energy studies might all be covered in these new curricula. Such programs are intended to help the future economy by making you a viable human resource. Hence, if your study abroad adviser has this up-to-date knowledge, you will have a variety of higher education possibilities. Also, you can investigate all available options for desired courses from the most outstanding universities. In addition to classes, the study abroad adviser should know the best location to pursue them. The correct country and institution will make your efforts, time, and resources worthwhile.

  1. Are They Able To Assist With The Entire Student Visa Process?

Since you’re a student, your lack of understanding about the study abroad procedure is understandable. You must go through numerous complicated steps such as application, scholarships, money submission, accommodation, etc. The most crucial part is visa application and acceptance. If your family has no experience flying abroad, you will require expert advice. As a result, ask the best study abroad consultants in Delhi whether they can accept responsibility for it. There are complexities to visa applications that you do not want to overlook. Therefore, having the assistance of your consultant can help you receive it quickly and without issues. In addition, inquire about their previous success obtaining visa clearance for earlier students. This will give you confidence that they are honest and knowledgeable about the immigration process.

  1. Are There Coaching Classes And Practice Tests For English Proficiency Exams Available?

You should know that most institutions abroad need you to pass English proficiency tests. TOEFL and IELTS are the two primary English proficiency examinations available today. While you must be fluent in English, our experience has shown that many students struggle to qualify despite this. Getting a coaching class through study abroad consultancy can be fantastic. As a result, you must expend extra work in locating and preparing for a different coach for practice.

  1. What Are The Difficulties Of Studying Abroad, And How Might They Assist?

As a first-time student, studying abroad is like venturing into unexplored territory. Starting with little knowledge can make your experience unpleasant. Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of studying abroad ahead of time can be beneficial. In reality, understanding the issues is more important. As a result, you must work out this detail with our study abroad experts. When you write down the problems, ask your consultant how they can assist you. What tools and procedures are in place to ensure that your study abroad experience goes as smoothly as possible? If their response appears reasonable, consider them the ideal consultants to recruit.



These are the key questions to consider while looking for a competent abroad education consultant. If you are unable to locate one, Admissify can assist you. You can now get the services of the study abroad consultants Guwahati from the North-East branch of Admissify. 

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