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2023 Is Likely to Bring A Few Changes in The Canada Express Entry Rules

October 1, 2022
2023 Is Likely To Bring A Few Changes In The Canada Express Entry Rules

Canada is becoming a hub for education with every passing year. Moreover, it charges very low costs compared to the tuition fees in many developed nations like the US or the UK. Best ides admission to reputed universities, Canada is famous for its easy immigration process and permanent residency. PR visa in Canada is easier to apply for by taking help from professional
-abroad consultants. If you plan to settle in this country even after completing your education, applying for a Permanent Residency is essential. However, a recent survey has declared that Canada is going to bring several changes in the rules for Express Entry. These laws will be applicable from 2023 onwards for the new batch of international students. Therefore, interested students must contact a reliable and experienced study abroad consultant to understand these regulations for a hassle-free process of obtaining the PR Visa.


Changes in Immigration Process

The trends of the previous year suggest that Canada sent invitations for PR visas to more than reports suggest that Canada is facing a huge crisis in the labor sector. So, this implies that the there for the invitees this time. For example, reliable sources say candidates with specific work experience can only for Permanent Residency. Similarly, the acceptance will only be there for students from a certain educational background.


But there is no need to be worried about the same as Admissify will help you overcome all the hurdles and meet your objectives in Canada. Canadian job placements surely remain at the top, and the results of most universities often surpass many of the other famous institutions. Thus, the chances of working abroad are very high in this country. The current job vacancy rate is around 5.7%, as per one of the reputed sources. However, the Express Entry programs will depend on various factors applicable to the job vacancies.

The expected changes in the case of Express Entry in Canada are as follows: –

  1. The last invite in August was only for 2750 candidates, whereas September month will have more than 3,250 candidates on the invitee list
  2. The previous draw pattern ensures that Canada is likely to increase the invitees for the express entry draw by 500 more candidates.
  3. The COVID crisis resulted in a backlog in the number of applications for Permanent Residency in Canada. Therefore, after 18 months of temporary discontinuation in the express entry programs, the country is going to open slots for new applicants.
  4. Only the eligible candidates will receive invitations for Canadian PR from different
    organizations: –
  • FSTP or Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • CEC or Canadian Experience Class
  • FSWP or Federal Skilled Worker Program

Every draw in the last few months in Canadian Express Entry has shown a steady decline of eight to nine points. Hence, it is crucial to understand the unfavorable situation of the country in the post-COVID period. Thus, the new rules apply to the new ITAs (Invitations to Apply) for productive citizenship in the country. The candidate can always apply for the same after knowing the eligibility criteria as applicable. A renowned institution like Admissify can surely be of immense help in such a case.


Choose Admissify for Easy Immigration to Canada

Admissify will help the interested candidates to fulfill the necessary criteria to obtain the ITAs from the Canadian Government. Furthermore, the professionals also take special classes to make you understand all the changes concerning the upcoming PR invitations. The visa procedures will be simple for students already studying in Canada if they are thoroughly aware of all the rules. Canada generally has record vacancies for students. The remarkable immigration expert will make you settle in the country permanently without any issues. Moreover, a thorough understanding of the new rules will confirm that more jobs will be present now for deserving candidates.

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