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January 4, 2022

Abroad learning is an excellent way to acquire a complete cosmopolitan education. However, it can get confusing to choose the correct destination for experiencing a better quality education. Due to the new changes brought by the COVID 19 waves, the educational system of the whole world has altered along with the goals and motifs of the students.

This article discusses 10 upcoming places to study abroad that will guide you to choose the exact location suitable for you;

  • Japan is known as the best place for international students.
  • Australia is known for the active learning of its students.
  • For language learning, Spain is the best choice.
  • Ireland is apt for the learning of art and culture.
  • England will provide you with a world-class education
  • New Zealand is suitable for outdoor learning and exploration.
  • Sweden is the best option for students for its sustainability.
  • Thailand is ideal for affordability and a low expense lifestyle.
  • United Arab Emirates scopes for a diverse group of students.
  • A virtual model of education.

In 2022, students need to learn about the country and universities before enrolling in them.Here is further information regarding the universities available in the countries as mentioned above;

  • Japan is the best choice for information technology and other advanced science programs. It is one of the safest venues for international students. The cost for tuition fees is between three thousand to seven thousand dollars, exclusive of the living expenses. Some of the top universities are Kyoto University, the University of Tokyo, and the Tokyo Institute of Technology.
  • Australia is the ultimate destination for aspiring students looking for proper employment seeking training and development. Students have a good scope for wildlife exploration and excursions as well. The tuition fee can vary between seven thousand and seventeen thousand dollars. The living expenses can be around ninety dollars a month.
  • The tuition fee can vary from five hundred to thousand dollars in Spain. Spain is the birthplace of the Spanish language. This place is good for language learning scopes for international students. The living cost is around seven hundred dollars a month. Some well-known universities are the Autonomous University of Madrid and the University of Barcelona.
  • Ireland is famous for its rich culture and impact on art and humanities. Students can feel attracted to the old universities and colleges of the country. Trinity College Dublin is one of the oldest universities in Ireland. Galway, National University of Ireland are some other essential universities. The cost of fees and living is the lowest among European countries.
  • England is the home of the oldest universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London. These colleges provide a world-class education for all students. The tuition fee may vary from seven thousand dollars to fourteen thousand dollars. The universities of England also offer online ways of studying to keep up with COVID protocol.
  • New Zealand is the new destination for students studying abroad. The country has a wide range of eye-catching city infrastructure. The University of Auckland is famous for its variety of courses open for students. The fees may vary from seven thousand to ten thousand for each semester. The living cost may be around nine hundred dollars.
  • In Sweden, students can acquire proper guidance and training from mentors under the ranked universities and colleges. At the end of the courses, the students are open to various job opportunities in Sweden. The cost of tuition varies from four thousand to fourteen thousand dollars per semester, and the living cost may be around nine hundred dollars.
  • The low living expenses can attract many students to this country during the 2022 academic years. The students can enjoy the vibrant colour of the people’s lifestyle. The fee may vary from five hundred dollars to two thousand dollars depending on the course you choose. The living cost is around five hundred dollars per month. Mahidol University is a well-known university in Thailand.
  • Emirates is the new destination for students to enlarge their job opportunities and career-building scope. It is the land of entrepreneurs and new firms. Students have many measures in the United Arab Emirates to create an excellent lifestyle. The tuition fee may vary from three thousand dollars to sixteen thousand dollars. In recent years, they have extended the visa allowance for the students’ benefits.

The pandemic has spun the global agenda of educational policies to a large extent. Online educational platforms have been rising, and these platforms are gaining legit degree-holding programs and courses. They are more affordable and efficient for students to begin their careers at home. Admissify can help you with any information regarding such educational programs.

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