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10 Universities Where You Can Study Abroad in English

December 25, 2022
10 Universities Where You Can Study Abroad in English

Most students are interested in studying abroad due to get the opportunity to learn new languages. Moreover, earning a degree from abroad will help them to get a stable future. There are many universities and colleges available that offer individual classes along with full degrees in English. You may consult with any study abroad consultants in Delhi, and they will guide you accordingly. 

However, when you think of studying abroad, the first few countries come naturally to your mind. The typical English-speaking countries abroad are the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and South Africa. Additionally, students who do not have the time to learn any native language can try studying English abroad. 

Details Of Universities

  • John Cabot University- It is a private American Liberal Arts University. The institute is located in Rome; thus, it is a study-abroad hub. However, international students come here every year to study English. Mostly they come from sixty different countries. Additionally, students can learn here about the history of the eternal city.
  • Maastricht University- Most of the programs are taught in English at this University. We can see that half of the students are international from the institution. It creates a multicultural environment. Moreover, the institution offers a switch over the program in business and economics followed by arts and social sciences. It is located in the Netherlands. 
  • Stockholm University- It is located in Sweden. The University offers a small number of bachelor’s degree programs. Additionally, students can apply for a considerable number of postgraduate programs in English. Though the University doesn’t encourage native language courses, students can pick up the Swedish language here. 
  • National University of Singapore- It is considered the oldest University in Singapore. Moreover, it ranks as one of the top universities in Asia. The primary teaching language of the University is English. It also has the scope to teach Tamil, Mandarin and Malay. It has a partnership with more than fifty universities. Thus, it is a relatively easy job if students want to transfer from here. 
  • Sophia University- The University is placed in Tokyo, Japan. It offers students a Japanese language class along with an English class. It will help students to fit in with local people. Moreover, the University has exchange partnership programs with many universities worldwide. Hence, students can quickly get a scope to study at their dream University.
  • The University of Hong Kong- The University uses English as the primary language to learn and communicate. Students can choose subjects from any discipline like arts and humanities, education, law, engineering, business and economics and many more. However, the University consistently ranked at the top in Asia. It provides Exchange Buddy Program to students who find difficulties communicating in the local language. Thus, it will help them o continue English study abroad.
  • Madrid University- It is a private university in Spain. However, the institution is famous for bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Everything is operated in English. The University has partnerships with most major universities like Kansas State, Johns Hopkins and the University of Florida. Therefore, the University attracts international students from all over the globe. The city delivers excellent weather and has an affordable living cost. Hence, the University has become a great place to study abroad.
  • The Technical University of Munich- Munich is the best choice if students want to study Germany in English. It ranks at the fiftieth position globally and has connected with the international community. The University is also famous for its free tuition system. Students don’t have to pay extra for their tuition fees.
  • Universidad Portuguesa- It is located in the colourful city of Lisbon. It offers a vast number of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degrees for students in English. Any best overseas education consultants in Delhi can help you in this regard. However, students can select their suitable subjects to study here.
  • Malta University- The tiny island of Malta offers a considerable number of degrees in English at this University. Moreover, it welcomes countless numbers of international students every year.

Students can call the best study abroad consultants in Delhi to get an idea about their overseas English education. Moreover, you may connect with Admissify for your additional queries. They have a professional team that will help you with accurate guidance.

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