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10 Best Japanese Cities For International Students

October 25, 2022
10 Best Japanese Cities For International Students

If you want to study the Japanese language or attend some other course at a Japanese University, it is a good idea. Studying abroad in Japan has its perks. For international students, the fees in Japanese universities and colleges are quite affordable in comparison to the US or the UK. You may also harbour wishes to study abroad in this beautiful country but have no knowledge of where to go or whom to approach. Do not worry, as the best study abroad consultant is here for you. 

You must have noticed many people shifting to Japan for studies or permanent residency. The mindset has huge reasons behind it. You will find many foreigners living in Japan, so that makes prospective students feel safe. Japan also has the best transportation, so you will not have any issues with commuting. Moreover, the Japanese education system is at par with other universities and colleges located in the western regions. The study abroad consultants in Delhi will make the process of shortlisting a university or college easy for you.

Japanese Cities for Foreign Education 

You will read about the best cities in Japan to pursue your education. They are:

  • Tokyo – The best study abroad consultants in Delhi will suggest you this place, as it is one of the most renowned internationally. Almost all the students know about Tokyo. Over one lac international students’ study in Tokyo so that makes it one of the best places to study. There are many universities as well, both public and private. You should know some of the names like Waseda University and Tokyo University of Technology. The transport system, according to the best overseas education consultants in Delhi, in Tokyo is excellent, and there are many tourist spots as well. 
  • Hiroshima – Most people would associate this place with nuclear bombings, but there is a lot more here. As many as 4,700 international students’ study and stay in Hiroshima. Hiroshima University is one of the biggest universities in Japan. The city also has a well-developed tram system, that makes commute all the more hassle-free. The top tourist spot that lures visitors from across the globe are Hiroshima Castle and Peace Memorial, to name a few. 
  • Yokohama – It is another city in Japan where you will find many international students. Over 9,000 international students study here. Some of the best universities are Tokai University and Nihon University. The city is located close to Tokyo and also has a well-developed transport system, as per the best overseas education consultant in Delhi for Japan
  • Sapporo – It is the largest city in Japan, that houses almost 2 million people. Some of the biggest universities, as per the best Japan consultants in Delhi, have campuses in Sapporo, and they are Sapporo International University and Hokkaido University. The weather is also chilly all year around, so you may love the place for touring as well. 
  • Saitama – According to the best UK education consultants in Delhi, Saitama hosts some of the best universities for a great education. Tokyo University and Toyo University have their campuses in this city. Many students live and study here. 
  • Kobe – When asked, the study abroad consultants Guwahati say that this beautiful port city is a great place to live and stay. There are over 10,000 international students studying there. Japan University of Economics is one of the most renowned universities in the city. 
  • Kyoto – Kyoto is also quite popular as an international study abroad destination. Some of the universities offer good funding options as well, to international students. Transportation is also great. You can also get the best fees and courses at the universities in Kyoto. 
  • Nagoya – It is another popular city for international students. You can study in universities and colleges with scholarships, as well. Nagoya University has some rare courses, that are not available elsewhere. You can also try some of the best Japanese delicacies at this place. 
  • Fukuoka – There are over 19,000 international students in this city studying at Kyushu University and Waseda University campuses. The place is also quite well-known for its Ramen noodles. 
  • Osaka – Lastly, Osaka is one of the places you cannot miss out on. It has an international appeal like no other. Osaka University and Kansai University are the main universities in the city. 

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